Apple Against the World


For years now Apple Inc., the iPhone, and brave online defenders of truth and justice have gone up against the world of Android and its hoards. Maybe that was a little over the top, but this battle, however, may be one that has gone unnoticed by many that are spending their time somewhere other than the online, like outside. As upgrade time approaches, the level of importance should begin to increase for the average consumer, as he/she eagerly awaits their new iPhone 6 upgrade. For some it is no longer a question of if they will get the new iPhone 6, but simply when. Others however are beginning to see the appeal of Android, and are wondering what exactly they could be missing, not to mention the long debated Apple versus Microsoft debate that has raged on for decades. Getting a little perspective though is important when choosing sides in a war.

Apple is a trusted company that has been around since 1976, and one that continues to offer very fast and stable devices, and never released anything less. On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak released the first Apple computer, the Apple I. The new system was not well received, but by 1977 and the release of their new Apple II, there seemed to be a quickly growing interest in the company. There cannot be an article about Apple at war without mentioning Microsoft. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs worked together many times throughout the history of their respective companies, and although their relationship was of a competitive nature, these two men had a great respect for each other. There was an interview done with Bill Gates on 60 Minutes in 2013 where he was asked about visiting Steve Jobs in 2011 before his passing. Gates was pretty emotional as he reflected on his last moments with his long time competitor.

As the years ticked on, Microsoft and Apple had a short partnership, during which Bill Gate dealt a devastating blow to Steve Jobs, as Gates and a team of engineers secretly stole the Macintosh Operating System. Apple soon bounced back from the deception when it released some of the first Desktop Publishing software ever available, called PageMaker, as well as releasing one of the first affordable PostScript laser printers called LaserWriter. However, Apple’s largest battle against the technological world had not yet begun.

As time went by Apple continued to create many new innovations, such as the iMac, iPod, and of course the iPhone. As it emerged onto the mobile market, Apple found that it was not alone. Slowly the thorn in its proverbial side, Android, started to make headway. Not only that, but Apple also started to gain other competitors, such as Samsung, HTC, and Sony, that had not been a major concern up until that point in the war for the world. It seems that more and more of these major companies were adopting Android, in some form or another, as the software that they were building their mobile empires around. As opposition increase on the mobile battlefield, Apple now found itself in a battle for the world against enemies on every major front.

Getting closer to modern-day, the iPhone has become a major symbol in the mobile market. People tend to go and buy a new iPhone as soon as it comes out, no questions asked. As other mobile companies continue to release phones and tablets in all shapes and sizes, Apple may need to switch gears toward their goal of mobile dominance. There are rumors that the iPhone 6 could be released with a major screen size upgrade. With an iPhone nearing 5.5 inches, so the rumor goes, Apple could be closing in on the “phablet” market that competitors, such as Samsung, with its Galaxy Note series, have had a firm grip on for a while. Apple could be returning yet another volley in its war against the world of Android, and if so, the world should be ready for another major shift in power.


Opinion By Phillip Schmidt

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