Cannabis on the Rise


Could cannabis be on the rise in America? The legalization of medical marijuana is pending in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Legislators are allowing doctors in each of these states to decide what conditions these drugs may treat. Marijuana has become legal in 22 states including Washington D.C. states that Minnesota passed a medical marijuana law while other states have reform ballots on the table. 11 other states are also considering legislation to establish effective medical marijuana programs in states like Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Hawaii and Wisconsin.

Medical marijuana is ordinarily prescribed to people who suffer from cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma and other serious illness. There are uproars from medical marijuana opponents. They consider medical marijuana to be as addictive as illegal marijuana. Opposers contend that there are legal prescriptions that have the ability supplement medical marijuana. They feel that with cannabis being on the rise, this is a lead to recreational use resulting in harder drug use, infertility, damage to lungs, immune system and brain cells. Will this be enough to persuade legislators not to legalize the use of medical marijuana in more states?

With cannabis being on the rise legally in America, there are questions about issues that could arise with the legalization of medical marijuana, mainly recreational use. Although the nation makes up about 73 percent of Americans who need medical marijuana, there are just as many Americans who use illegal marijuana.

Among the states with legalized permission to issue medical marijuana, Washington State is being pressured to better its present medical marijuana regulatory system. Medical dispensaries have been issued warning that they have not been issued a license by the state, they will have to shut down by 2015. Those living in states like Colorado or Washington do not have to have a medical card to purchase marijuana because marijuana its use is allowed recreationally. No matter what officials say, they can’t stop America’s rise of cannabis and who uses it.

Although medical cannabis could be on a rise in four new states there are still very strict stipulations in order to receive it. For instance, Minnesota patients are not allowed to smoke marijuana, but they allowed to purchase oils, vapors and pills to assist pain from serious illnesses. In Florida, only those who suffer from serious epilepsy may be allowed to purchase medical marijuana.

The government allows medical officials in each state to decide how they want to issue medical marijuana. Patients in some states will have to suffer from particular diseases instead rather than those that are on the much longer cannabis-qualifying list of illnesses. Americans can expect new side from the government. Recreational users maybe just as elated as medical users are. With cannabis being on the rise, it will be very difficult to put a hold on any kind of marijuana whether it is legal or homegrown. Legislators seem to be more lenient in reference to marijuana laws these days.

By Erica Sandifer

NBC News
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