Cristiano Ronaldo Entourage World Cup Travel in Style

Christian Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has chartered four private jets for his entourage to make their FIFA World Cup travels in comfortable style. The Portugal star is nursing a left thigh injury and patellar tendinitis, but his current difficulties will not prevent his family and friends from having a first class holiday in Brazil. Ronaldo’s travelling entourage will include his girlfriend, son, mother, sisters, brothers-in-laws and a group of friends. The first class treatment will not only include air travel. Ronaldo’s special group of fans will stay in exclusive five star hotels during their visit to Brazil.

Arrangements were necessary far in advance of the World Cup. Portugal’s squad will touch down in the Brazilian military airport located in Campinas on June 11. The four jet Cristiano Ronaldo entourage will arrive at the same airport on June 7, in order to allow family and friends a few days to chill out in style and recuperate from their World Cup global travels. The Brazilian military was happy to accommodate the superstar player.

Ronaldo could be looking at a difficult stretch of games in Portugal’s Group G play. The team stated this week that their star player is suffering from an injury to the back of his left thigh, which was already known, and he also has tendinitis in his knee. While the team was practicing in New Jersey in preparation for warm up games against Mexico and the Republic of Ireland, Ronaldo ran on a track and performed ball drills away from the rest of the team. In all likelihood, Ronaldo will be withheld from the lineup in the two upcoming friendlies. The team is determined to have him as healthy as possible for the first Group G game against Germany. No doubt all of Portugal is holding its breath wondering if their star can recover sufficiently to play at a high level in World Cup competition.

The patellar tendinitis is particularly worrisome for Ronaldo. The condition is generally known as “jumper’s knee.” The tendon in question connects the shin to the knee and is instrumental in making the motion to kick a soccer ball. Playing with tendonitis and stressing the tendon causes a greater risk of a tear. Manager Paulo Bento will need to monitor Ronaldo’s playing time as the team moves through Group G play to assure that the star remains as healthy as possible.

Some injuries are difficult to overcome, but other health threats can be comical. A witch doctor in Ghana, also in Group G, has made known that he will cause Ronaldo to miss the game against Ghana and perhaps the entire World Cup. Nana Kwaku Bonsam says he will cause the player to suffer a spiritual injury that cannot be fixed by Portugal’s trainers and medical staff.

As the Portugal side readies themselves for a difficult matchup against Germany, at least Cristiano Ronaldo can be comfortable knowing that his entourage will travel in style to watch him in World Cup play. His family and friends will be ensconced in a five star resort, enjoying everything Brazil has to offer. Hopefully Ronaldo can recover from his leg injuries enough that he can play his best for his loved ones.

Commentary by William Costolo

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