Elderly Man Beaten by Police While in Diabetic Shock

70-year-old man in diabetic shock was beaten by Texas policeAn elderly Texas man was beaten by police for “refusing” to comply with police orders. The 70-year-old was in diabetic shock when he was accused of resisting arrest and intoxication. According to the recently released police video, the officers first noted Thomas Mathieu when he was slumped over in the driver’s seat of his car on the side of the road. Police ordered Mathieu to get out of the car and threatened him when he did not comply.

According to Police Chief Bill McManus officers insisted that at some point during the attempted arrest Mathieu tried to put his car into gear and drive away. The officers feared they were going to be dragged. Believing the elderly man was inebriated officers started punching him in the head and face before threatening to tase him.

It was not until the man had been severely beaten did the officers realize he might be diabetic and in need of immediate medical attention. The 70-year-old man was finally taken to the hospital and with multiple bruises, cuts and three broken ribs, all stemming from the attack from San Antonio law enforcement.

Initially Mathieu pulled over to the side of the road in the turning lane where he fell unconscious due to diabetic shock. In response to the brutal experience the elderly man said,

I know officers are trained to deal with diabetic situations, but apparently there was no recognition of that situation here.

Diabetic shock is a condition that occurs due to a severe case of hypoglycemia or low levels of blood glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar that provides the body with its primary source of energy. When a person’s glucose levels get too low, they are in danger of going into shock. Diabetic shock is very serious because the person can partially or completely lose consciousness.

Generally when a person goes into diabetic shock they experience certain symptoms. They may develop blurry or double vision, they may be impacted by nervousness, dizziness and confusion or may have cold sweats and start to shake or tremble. The person may also have palpitations, convulsions, fatigue and difficulty concentrating or speaking.

There are a variety of reasons a person can experience diabetic shock or a severe type of low blood sugar. Diabetic shock could be induced following a dosage of diabetes medication if too much insulin is received. It could also be brought on by excessive drinking, lack of food, a case of vomiting or diarrhea and as well as too much strenuous exercise. Although the condition is mostly associated with people who have diabetes, anyone could potentially go into shock if their blood sugar levels drop too low. Any individual displaying symptoms related to diabetic shock should receive quick medical attention.

After an internal investigation the officers involved were cleared of all wrongdoing in the case. McManus said he feels the police did the right thing and did not use excessive force. Mathieu was also cleared in the case but wants to ensure this never happens again.

Thomas Mathieu felt a diabetic shock coming on and pulled his car over to the side of the road. Instead of receiving the prompt medical attention that he needed the 70-year-old man was beaten by police officers who assumed he was intoxicated. By the time the elderly man reached the hospital, he not only needed treatment for diabetic shock, but for multiple bruises, cuts and three broken ribs thanks to San Antonio law enforcement.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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