Electronic Entertainment Expo Winner Is Nintendo

Electronic Entertainment Expo

The annual tech event which brings together many of the biggest game developers and publishers has come to an end. Three days of long presentations, keynotes and hands-on playthroughs always leave the attendees and gamers wondering which of the major console manufacturers proverbially stole the show. Many would agree that this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo winner is Nintendo.

Microsoft wowed the audience by showing 36 new games in just 90 minutes. The highlights included the next Tomb Raider sequel and Assassin’s Creed Unity. The new Halo: Master Chief Collection definitely stole a few cheers from Halo fans as well. Sony’s top picks include the next LittleBigPlanet 3 as well as their plans for the Morpheus VR and a Playstation TV. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege also showcased a stunning trailer, but it will most likely be a cross-platform title.

Nintendo has debuted the second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, quickly revealing several innovative ideas. The most exciting surprise was the announcement of an open-world Zelda for the WiiU. While the video presented did not exactly show much, the mere concept definitely leaves a lot of potential for the fans of the series. Hyrule Warriors was the other big Zelda reveal. Developed by the team behind Dynasty Warriors, it takes the game’s tactical combat and transplants it into the world of Zelda.

Electronic Entertainment ExpoFurthermore, Nintendo has also showcased the Mario Maker, which would allow players to build their own blocky 8bit worlds and watch them take life in full HD glory. Another promising title is Splatoon, a four-on-four arena shooter where two teams of squid-like creatures compete to paint the world with their team’s color. Lastly, Nintendo also unveiled the Amiibos, turning a number of their popular characters into action figures which could affect the gameplay in titles such as the next Super Smash Bros. Hopefully, this proves less of a gimmick than ROB, a toy-robot designed to play the old NES games using the secondary controller.

N4G was quick to call Nintendo the winner of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, praising their diversity and informative developer discussions. Huffington Post also chimed in, mocking Sony and Microsoft for their typical focus on cars, shooting and gruff, in contrast with the colorful innovation of Nintendo’s upcoming titles. Even the Kotaku user poll confirmed this, with 65 percent of all votes going to Nintendo.

However, not everyone agrees with the verdict. ExtremeTech gave the crown to Sony, stating the company kept unveiling one hit after another. No Man’s Sky, LittleBigPlanet 3 and new tech gizmos such as a white Playstation 4 or a Playstation TV streaming box stole the show. Destructoid, on the other hand, admitted the real winner is the player. GamesRadar shared the same sentiment, but if they had to choose, the crown would go to Sony.

Between the three giants, each one was able to bring at least several interesting titles and tech innovations to the table. While various websites and journalists seem to be a bit torn on who gave the best performance, on the whole, it seems this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo winner is Nintendo. As Destructoid and GamesRadar point out, however, it really does not matter. It is the players who will really get the prize in the end. As the excitement and adrenaline of the three-day event winds down, the slow wait for the releases begins.

Opinion by Jakub Kasztalski

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