Father’s Day and MH370 Dads


The world will celebrate the joy and happiness dads bring to kids around the world, but for a tragic few that would not be the case. For the victims who lost their fathers on board the missing Malaysian flight MH370,  Father’s Day on June 15 will mark the 100th day the flight went missing. Millions of people around the world share in the grief and memory as the families remember the dads that went missing aboard the MH370.

While search attempts are still on internationally, it is closure that the surviving family members are craving for. Voice370, an association for the family members of the crew and passengers on board, released a video on YouTube to mark the event. An official statement read that the association hoped that by expressing their faith and longing for the return of the members, hopefully some answers will be given about the whereabouts of the missing people. They hoped that the video will aid their efforts of knocking on every door possible to give them information that could be helpful in the search attempts. A series of articles and letter will be posted on their official Facebook page titled “Vanished 100 days.”

Many anguished families are still upset with the authorities and are in a state of perpetual confusion. With little or no information disclosed about the search attempts. Heartbroken, angry and anguished at the ordeal of not knowing anything about their loved ones, the demand for transparency and briefings is weighing down on the Malaysian authorities. One group that was fed up with the opaque style of handling the sensitive issue, set up a crowd-funding effort. Turning to the public for support to raise the $5 million needed to hire an investigator and a whistleblower, Sarah Bjac, who is still searching for Phillip Wood says that she will start a personal investigation into the matter.

Danica Weeks with her sons.

Many victims tearfully recalled how much their children missed their fathers. It is true that we values thing the most when we lose them, and in this case is painfully true. Danica Weeks from Perth, has put off the memorial she planned for Paul, her husband for weeks now. The mining engineer who was supposed to work in Mongolia, has two sons who still ask for their dad, making Father’s Day a painful ordeal for the family. Danica shares the grief with another mother, Zainab Arifin who mourned the loss of her only son steward Mohd Hazrin Hasnan, was supported by his wife Intan Maizura Othaman, who held her month old son in her arms, while his four-year old sister looked on.

Jacquita Gonsalves with the rest of her family

Another family member Jacquita Gonsalves, wife of the In Flight supervisor aboard MH370, Patrick Gomes took to Twitter to beseech Barack Obama for help, calling him the most powerful person in the world. She said that it was hard to explain the loss of the her husband to her grandson who keeps asking for him. Jacquita held a poster asking Obama for help when he visited Kuala Lumpur on an official visit. Although she did not get the response she wanted, the hopeful grandmother still pressed on for help.

Voice370 who has had regular communications with the Next of Kin Committee chief Hamzah Zainuddin, said that they will be meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister to set up a template that dealt with issues raised by the kin about the missing flight. Hishammuddin Hussein, Acting Transport Minister assured the kin that the government was doing its best to find the victims. He assured them that no stone was left unturned in the search attempts. Sympathetic to their suffering, Hussein dedicated the search attempts to the memories of dads aboard the MH370, since he knew what it was to miss a father on Father’s Day, after all he was a father too. He hoped that with the grace of God, the lost flight will be found, beginning the process of closure and healing.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

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