Father’s Day Easy DIY Gifts

Father's Day Easy DIY Gifts

It is almost that time of year again: Father’s Day. So, you are about to head to the nearest department store for one of those goofy ties that inexplicably end up shoved in the back of Dad’s sock drawer. Or, you are picking up a gift card that may or may not get used before the expiration date. Stop! Before you go any further, check out some of these easy, unique DIY Father’s Day gifts to warm his heart.

Dad Rocks!

This is a fun way for you to work with your kids to create something beautiful for Dad. For this project you will need a bare wood picture frame, E600 Glue, a bag of small-sized river rocks, a popsicle stick, paint and a marker. All of these items can be found at your local dollar or craft store for a total amount of under $3. How can you beat that? Make sure your river rocks are spread out ready to be glued. First, apply a generous amount of glue to the wood frame. Apply the rocks to the glue and arrange them any way you want to get the look you desire. This glue is super sticky, so you might want to do this part yourself. Let your frame dry overnight. If there are loose rocks the next day, reapply glue and then simply stick the rocks back on. Next, write “DAD ROCKS” on your Popsicle stick and break it in half. If you want, you can sand the edges of the pieces to make them a bit round, which may make for a nicer appearance. Have your kids paint the pieces any color they want, maybe Dad’s favorite color? After the paint has dried, apply some glue to the pieces and stick them on the frame, wherever you think looks best. Kids love being able to pick out where things are going to be placed, and it definitely keeps them focused and involved. After it is completely dry, add a cute picture of the kids, or Dad with the whole family, and wrap. Easy, right?

Sweet Tooth Six Pack

This easy DIY Father’s Day gift is perfect for dads who love dessert. Does Dad have a sweet tooth (I mean, who doesn’t really)? If so, this might be the perfect gift for him. For this project, you will need a cardboard six pack of soda or beer, paint, marker, and anything else you would like to decorate the bottles. Once the bottles are empty, place them in water overnight. This makes the label on the bottles easy to scrape off. While the bottles are soaking, paint the cardboard box any color you would like. When the bottles are cleaned and dried, fill them up with Dad’s favorite goodies. Does he like Skittles? M&Ms? Next, help your kids decorate the box and bottles. Make sure to write “Happy Father’s Day!” somewhere on the box. It is the personalized touch that makes this gift so much fun for you and your kids to create, and for dad to eat.

For Hubby:

365 Reasons I love You

This is definitely a favorite easy DIY Father’s Day gift to warm his heart. Father’s Day is his special day. It is that day where you can tell him, “Thank you for being the father to our children.” All you will need for this project is a large jar, a computer and paper (or construction paper and a marker for a more personal touch), and lots of love for your sweetie. First, decide if you are going to write or type out your “365 reasons.” Next, get to writing/typing. Come up with 365 reasons why you love your husband. They can be funny. They can be romantic. They can be anything you want them to be. The point here is to bring a smile to your man’s face on his special day. After you are finished, cut out all your “reasons,” and fold them in half. Place them all in the jar, and decorate the jar as you desire. Consider writing “365 Reasons I Love You,” and pasting it on the jar itself. If you want to get more creative, feel free. Now your husband can unfold a little piece of love each day for one year (Do not let him cheat and unfold two papers in one day).

Think of everything Dad does for his family and get creative. Show him how much you love him and how special he is by choosing one of these amazing, easy DIY Father’s Day gifts to warm his heart. It is guaranteed he will love whatever you make ten times more than anything you can buy at a store.

By: Rebecca Savastio