FIFA World Cup: Top Ten Most Attractive Players

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup’s top ten most attractive players were recently tabulated by the rating site Hot or Not from a poll conducted by over 10 million of its users. Pollsters on the Hot or Not website or app, male and female, were asked to rate the attractiveness of World Cup players on a scale from one to ten, with ten being the most attractive, and one being the least.

Hot or Not, one of the first dating websites to break into the highly popular online dating business back in 2000, has lost ground in recent years to apps like Tinder which offer more tools for social interaction. With its new app, Hot or Not hopes to tap into the dating market again and become the new destination for netizens looking to enjoy their good-looking reputations. The company, now owned by the Russian-born millionaire Andrey Andreev, owner of the dating site Badoo popular in Latin America and Europe, hopes that the top ten list of the most attractive players in the FIFA World Cup will bring attention back to the Hot or Not brand and their new app.

The FIFA World Cup attractiveness match up was closer than expected, a fact which is certain to fuel future debate on the relative attractiveness of the world’s football hunks. Most of the top ten players came within hundredths of a percentage point difference, with the exception of the most attractive player, who was a clear favorite by two tenths of a percent. The dark-haired Latin American and Mediterranean players were the favorites to win in this top ten match up but they met unexpected resistance from the blonde haired, blue-eyed Germans who came on with a strong attractiveness rally.

At the bottom of the FIFA World Cup list in the number ten spot of most attractive players is the Italian defender Andrea Barzagli whose beefy physical build, dark hair and unshaven face gave him a strong attractiveness rating. The young, fresh-faced Belgian goalkeeper Koen Casteels tends the ninth position, losing a close goal launched by dark-haired Italian wingback Christian Maggio, eighth, into the back net. When play resumes, the French forward Olivier Giroud weaves his way past less attractive defenders into seventh place, but an unexpected fumble causes him to lose the ball to the agile Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld, who comes in sixth. Now the Europeans are in perfect field position as blonde-haired German players dominate the attractiveness field. The German midfielder Julian Draxler, fifth, picks up Toby’s pass and puts the ball into scoring position with a beautiful punt to Mario Gotze, fourth. The blonde-haired German team continues strong with an assist by flaxen-haired forward Lukas Podolski, third, who taps the ball perfectly to a graceful but strong Lars Bender, second. But in an upset that is sure to make blonde-loving women cry the world round, the entire German attack, from mid-field to goal, is stopped in its tracks by the handsome Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who beats out the entire attractiveness field with ease.

However Internet users vote for the top ten most attractive players among FIFA World Cup teams, endless debate is sure to accompany Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning defeat of the German team in Hot or Not’s top ten attractiveness match up.

By Steve Killings

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