Game of Thrones Fathers Day Tribute and Allen Family Controversy [Video]

Game of Thrones

It has been a busy day for Game of Thrones with controversial news that Lily Allen may have lied about joining the cast, that her father may yet be added to the show to join his son Alfie on the HBO hit, and a Father’s Day tribute video being released in anticipation of tonight’s Season Finale. The show is in its fourth season, which correlates to the second half of book three, A Storm of Swords in the series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R. R. Martin.

The Father’s Day video, which can be seen at the bottom of the page, is a short satire of the “great” relationships that exist between fathers and their children in the television series. In fact besides the now deceased Ned Stark, the rather boring Mace Tyrell and the creepy but loving Lord Roose Bolton, most of the dads on Games of Thrones are pretty rotten. There is also Lord Stannis Baratheon but his love for his daughter Shireen is more for her being his only heir and not as a living breathing human being.

Mainly the series has seen fathers who are pretty terrible. Tywin Lannister is currently plotting the death of his own dwarf son Tyrion who he has always resented for killing Tywin’s wife when Tyrion was born. Tywin is not too nice to his other children Cersei and Jaime, using them to further the power of House Lannister by putting them in situations they would never choose otherwise. There is Walder Frey who purposefully fathered throngs of children that he uses as pawns in his pursuit of the iron throne.

Robert Baratheon actually was not even the father of his supposed children, but he basically ignored them anyway, preferring the company of whores and hunting, which ironically partially got him killed. Jaime Lannister, who did sire Robert’s kids with his sister and lover Cersei, did not even act like they were his children though and was disgusted by Jeoffery, his oldest, because of his wickedness. Then there is Balon Greyjoy who let his only living son Theon, played by Alfie Allen and mentioned later in the article, to be taken as a steward by Ned Stark. Theon was essentially a hostage by his enemies and then Balon denied his son as his heir upon his return home. Finally there is Craster, who forces his own daughters to marry him and then procreate so he can then sacrifice his infant sons to The White Walkers for protection beyond the Wall.

Besides the tribute video being released today for Father’s Day, Game of Thrones also had controversy with the Allen Family. Lily Allen apparently lied about being casted for the spot of Alfie’s sister on-screen, Yara Greyjoy. The plot involves Theon Greyjoy, played by Alfie Allen, trying to seduce his sister Yara. However Alfie Allen says his real-life sister Lily Allen was never in contention for the role. He later stated that actress Gemma Whalen was the first choice and that “the only thing I’m going to say on this is that’s not true,” he told Vulture about his Sister being on the show.

Actor Keith Allen, who is the father of both Alfie and Lily could be joining his son in the fantasy drama after auditioning for a role in the bloodthirsty show. Keith said he has gone for the role of a slave who leads a rebellion “like Spartacus” for next years fifth season of Game of Thrones. He also said, “every scene is a bloodbath. Frankly I think I’m cut out for that.” Keith also publicized he had formerly interviewed for the part of his son Alfie’s on-screen father Balon Greyjoy but said he purposely botched the screen test. Telling The Times that the offer was “a bit cheesy, a bit obvious” so he “did a rubbish audition.” Hopefully there is more drama to come today besides the Father’s Day Tribute video and Allen family controversies on the season finale of Game of Thrones tonight at 9PM Eastern Standard Time on HBO.

Opinion by B. Taylor Rash

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