Jacob Zuma Healthy and Ready to Return to Work

Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa has been given a clean bill of health from his doctors, and is ready to return to work this coming week. Zuma was admitted to an undisclosed hospital in Pretoria, on June 7 due to exhaustion. Zuma was released after spending less than one day in the hospital. The doctors undertook extensive tests during his brief hospital stay, and appear to be pleased with the results.

Jacob Zuma, according to published reports, suffered from severe exhaustion after a tiring campaign trail leading up to the general elections held last month. The grueling plan of attending rallies, meetings and house-to-house campaigning caused the president to suffer from fatigue.

During Zuma’s week of rest at home, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has represented Zuma at previously scheduled meetings. Ramaphosa attended the funeral service of former president Thabo Mbeki’s mother earlier in the week, and will address the National Youth Day celebrations on June 16, in Kimberly.

Zuma was unable to attend the cabinet Lekgotla(a lekgotla is a meeting called by the government to discuss strategy planning) scheduled this past week and Ramaphosa chaired the three-day meeting on his behalf.

Mac Maharaj confirmed the president is resting and working from home. Zuma will stay at home on June 16, the Youth Day holiday and will continue to work on his State of the Nation speech (SONA) which he will deliver on June 17. Zuma is expected to attend the African Union summit in Equatorial Guinea starting on June 25, which was the scheduled time for the SONA

The original date set for the SONA was on June 25 and due to the African Union, summit meeting was brought forward to an earlier date. After delivering the SONA, Zuma will attend the debate of the SONA that is moved to June 18 and 19.

South African citizens are keen to hear Zuma give prospects on youth development, housing, jobs and small business during his speech. During the past week, residents were approached and asked what they would like the president to focus on during his speech.

The African National Congress (ANC) Secretary General Gwede Mantashe again confirmed the tests were routine, and President Zuma was suffering from nothing more than exhaustion. During the time away from official duties, Zuma has been urged to maximize this time to rest.

Mantashe confirmed the ANC election campaign was grueling for all senior members, and they would be allocated time away from official duties to rest and revitalize themselves ahead of a busy forecast schedule.

Jacob Zuma, 72 years old and healthy is ready to return to work this week and will  begin by attending the opening of Parliament on June 17. Zuma after resting for more than a week will tackle his governing duties with revitalized stamina and endurance. The ANC senior members have given Jacob Zuma their firm and unfailing support during his absence from government duties.

By Laura Oneale

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