Justin Bieber Fans Upset by 2014 Teen Choice Awards Nomination Snub

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s legion of fans are venting their upset feelings over the pop star’s snub in the nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Over the past three years alone, Bieber has enjoyed a run of success at the Teen Choice Awards. He won for favorite Male Artist in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Likewise, among his other successes, he was nominated for Male Hottie in each of the past three years and won in 2011. Those hoping for another big year for the pop sensation in the Teen Choice Awards are already disappointed because he failed to make the cut even for a nomination.

Justin Bieber fans looking to log in and vote for him for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards were surprised and upset by his nomination snub. After running strong the last few years and remaining a popular entertainment icon, the young heart throb missed the cut. Although the Canadian singer has had his difficulties in the U.S. this past year with various legal entanglements, the problems have not appeared to impact his overwhelming popularity. Bieber remains hugely popular, particularly with the teen audience. His nomination snub is somewhat perplexing given his large number of devoted followers and fans.

The failure to be nominated for Male Artist is understandable given the lack of new songs from the young star. Nevertheless, he remains a dominant figure in popular culture and certainly has not lost his looks or his “look.” The 2014 nominees for Male Hottie include One Direction, Ian Somerhalder, Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron and Austin Mahone. Each of these are fine choices as nominees, yet none would seem to have the current popularity of Bieber. Even with the pop singer taking regular hits in the press, he still has millions of fans. Perhaps those putting together the nominations have been reading about Bieber’s legal issues more than observing his internet statistics. He remains widely searched on the internet, which is a true measure of popularity. Even the negativity, such as the petition circulated to have him deported, show his overwhelming popularity because people remain interested in everything he does.

Achieving overwhelming success at a young age creates stresses that many do not understand. Being under the microscope in the age of the internet and Twitter compound the difficulties. Years ago, popular young performers could sow their wild oats under the radar. Bieber does not have the ability to do normal things without paparazzi and press attention. Even those he tries to meet in social gatherings creates news, such as the singer’s attempt to converse with movie star Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes. The elder star reportedly spurned the young singer when he tried to initiate a conversation. While a minor occurrence in the grand scheme of things, the action by DiCaprio was big news.

Although Justin Bieber’s many fans are upset by his nomination snub for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, the situation will be repaired with a hit single or album. Bieber may not have the same appetite for recording that he once did, but he will probably go back to the studio soon to generate a new wave of popularity.

By William Costolo

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