Kelly Clarkson Gives New Baby a Beautiful Name


Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has given birth to a baby girl, and the singer has chosen a beautiful name. Instead of going the route of other celebrities, and choosing a crazy name that will haunt the child the rest of their life, Clarkson has chosen a uniquely elegant, but tame name.

Clarkson’s daughter was born on Thursday, June 12. Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, chose to wait two days to announce the birth to their fans. Clarkson finally announced her new baby on twitter, and added a big thank you to all her fans and said her family was on cloud nine.

Kelly Clarkson gave her new daughter a beautiful name, River Rose Blackstock. The name is fitting considering Clarkson lives in Tennessee and loves being a country girl. River is an English name, which is considered to be masculine. It signifies a flowing body of water, and is derived from the Latin name, Ripa, meaning river bank. The name sounds peaceful, and pairs beautifully with Rose.

Clarkson rose to fame after competing on and winning the first season of American Idol. Clarkson talked publicly about how hard it was to handle her level of fame and to date, and admitted that she felt alone a lot of the time. The singer confessed she was worried she would never find a partner. Because Clarkson was single for so long, rumors started that the singer was a lesbian. The pop singer said she didn’t mind the rumors, except that they were not helping her get dates.

Clarkson married Blackstock in October at Blackberry Farms farm in Tennessee. In November, Clarkson announced she was pregnant. The singer was ecstatic, and talked about how she had always wanted a baby. Clarkson said several times in other interviews how much she wanted a baby and the singer even admitted that her record label was nervous about how much she talked about having children.

The singer talked candidly about being 31 and how her time was running out, even joking that her eggs weren’t getting any younger. Clarkson said she hoped to get pregnant the natural way, and said that she wanted a baby girl. When the pop singer discovered she was in fact expecting a girl, she announced her excitement on twitter, confirming that she always knew it.

Clarkson was able to keep a low profile during her entire pregnancy. Last April around Easter, Clarkson finally showed her baby bump, but was not spotted very much after that. This is the first baby for the newlyweds, but Blackstock does have two children from a previous marriage.

It’s nice to see a celebrity like Kelly Clarkson give her daughter such a unique and beautiful name, River Rose. Sometimes the name celebrities gift their children with are truly cringe worthy, so it’s nice to see a celebrity tot that won’t be scarred by an awful over-the-top name. Clarkson already said she wants two more children and fans are really happy for the singer, and looking forward to more baby name inspiration.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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