Lana Del Rey Seriously Depressed: Wishes She Were Dead

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey recently sat down for an in-depth interview, and it leaves fans wondering if the singer is seriously depressed, since Lana said she wishes she were already dead. In case the singer was just being dramatic, the interviewer questioned whether Lana really meant what she said. Lana insisted that she did.

Lana just dropped her album, UltraViolence, and some of the titles of the songs hint at the sadness that the singer feels. A few of the titles, Sad Girl, Cruel World, and F—ked My Way to the Top, indicate the darkness that Lana is experiencing.

Interestingly enough, some of Lana’s biggest inspirations are singers that have died young. Lana stated that her main inspirations are Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. When asked if she sees dying young as glamorous, the singer replied that she didn’t know, but again stated she wished she were already dead.

It will undoubtedly shock fans to hear that despite the fame, success, and popularity, Lana Del Rey has, the singer is so depressed that she wishes she were already dead. Even the singer’s family members don’t understand. Lana says when her family comes on the road with her and experiences the lavish hotels and over-the-top lifestyle she has; they compare her life to a movie. Lana agrees, but says it’s like a really messed up movie.

Lana also hints that she doesn’t want to continue doing what she is doing. When asked to clarify if the singer meant making music, Lana vaguely says, “Everything.” Maybe Lana still feels the burn from the start of her career, when she was criticized for her performance of her hit song, Video Games. There was also a huge backlash about her looks and her past. When asked if she was able to enjoy her success before the backlash occurred, Lana gets candid and says she never enjoyed any of it.

In a separate interview, Lana also opened up about the mysterious health problems that have plagued her the entire year. The singer said her doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her and she felt sick the majority of the time. Lana said that was a huge part of her life in 2013 was spent suffering.

Not only did Lana have to deal with feeling sick when she was recording Ultraviolence, but she had a shocking death of another artist to deal with. Lou Reed was scheduled to sing with Lana on the song Brooklyn Baby, but sadly he passed away just two minutes after Lana Del Rey landed in New York to record.

After the interview, Lana Del Rey did not backtrack or try to gloss over her serious comments about wishing she were dead. In fact, it seems that the singer wanted the world, and her fans, to know just how serious she was. Lana simply said that this is the way she feels, and since she is feeling it, she wants to say it. Lana also said she would be scared to know that death was coming. Fans are sure to be worried about the singer after the bizarre interview, and can only hope that Lana Del Rey is doing better today.

By Sara Petersen

Rolling Stone Music