Luis Suarez Pac-Man Game Made to Lighten Mood of Biting Allegations

Luis Suarez

After the horrible incident that seemed to occur on Tuesday in the Italy versus Uruguay FIFA World Cup match, a Luis Suarez Pac-Man game has been made to lighten the mood of the alleged biting occurrence. Pac-Man is an arcade video game involving a small yellow circular man who continuously eats pellets, fruit and his enemies when possible, all the while avoiding the enemies, who are ghosts, when they are able to eat him. The game was made by Namco in 1980 and was originally called Puck-Man because the saying “puck puck” in Japanese roughly translates to “munch munch,” but a marketing executive smartly changed the name so vandals could not turn the name into an obscene four letter word.

This new version of Pac-Man stars the Uruguayan and Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez while he goes around a level trying to bit into small heads of Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian defender that Luis allegedly took a bite of in a FIFA World Cup Match. The ghosts, who chased around Pac-Man in the original game, are now replaced by a referee brandishing a red card. Many believe that Suarez should have been red carded after the incident on Tuesday. When little Luis hits one of four sunglasses, the referees put away their red cards and put on a pair of sunglasses themselves. This is likely meant to imply that the referees are blind and cannot see that Suarez is going around biting into players.

Even though people are trying to lighten the mood surround the biting allegations by making this Pac-Man game, FIFA has called a meeting to figure out what exactly happened on Tuesday. FIFA gave the Uruguayan Football Association 24 hours to present evidence concerning the incident. A source inside the committee to decide on the player’s fate has apparently spoken out to the BCC, saying a decision will likely be made Wednesday or Thursday. FIFA has the ability to ban Suarez from any international or club footballing games for up to two years, but the worldwide ban is rarely used. Many are calling for the Uruguayan striker to be suspended from the rest of the tournament.

This is the third time Luis Suarez has bit on opponent during a match. The other two instances were in 2010 when he was an Ajax player in the Netherlands, and in 2013, at his current club, Liverpool in England. In both instance he was suspended, for seven and ten game respectively, and ridiculed by the fans and media. Luis has apologized on both occasions and claimed that kind of behavior will never happen again. He was trying to rebrand his image, especially since he is now a father and wants to set a good example for his children. Now Luis Suarez’s children will be able to play a fun Pac-Man video game that lightens the mood on very serious biting allegations.

By B. Taylor Rash

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