Manchester United Prepares Massive Transfer War Chest

Manchester United

Previously estimated to have amassed a £150 million transfer war chest to restock the side, word on the street is that Manchester United is planning a £220 million blitz to retool the Red Devils for Premier League contention. Given the recent rumblings that topflight players may not want a transfer to a downward trending team and the lack of a transfer splash yet, the team is rumored to have substantially increased its transfer budget to chase down the top targets on the list provided by new Manager Louis van Gaal. With rival Manchester City stuck with a UEFA spending cap, Manchester United has an opportunity to pull new talent to Old Trafford with a massive shower of transfer cash.

With Ed Woodward on the prowl to stockpile new talent, the highest priority transfer targets are difficult to decipher given that misdirection is often the name of the game. Toni Kroos of Bayern Munich was a David Moyes target and recently was described as off the board for the Red Devils, but his name keeps surfacing as a priority. Securing the transfer of Kroos could well be back in the works with the enhanced “price is no object” transfer budget. Likewise, Borussia Dortmund center back Mats Hummels, Southhampton left back Luke Shaw and Atletico Madrid midfielder Koke are also described as high on the priority list. These types of targets reflect a desire to go for youth and extreme talent. A transfer budget of the scale described allows for immediate rebuilding and if the young targets are secured, Manchester United could remain in Premier League contention for years.

How Manchester United has prepared almost a 50 percent increase to its already sizable transfer war chest, in order to become truly massive, is unclear. Perhaps the death of Malcolm Glazer has caused Avram and Joel Glazer to show they are firm in their determination to put the Red Devils back on top or the effort could be an attempt to put the team on better footing for a sale. The team remains a sponsorship generating juggernaut, even if it will miss out on approximately £30 million from the loss of Champions League play. The Glazers’ must recognize that last season’s disappointing finish could require them to pay more for players than in summers past following championships. Average teams often pay a premium for top talent.

With a massive transfer war chest lined up and van Gaal’s wish list in hand, Ed Woodward could be preparing a massive summer rush to secure a number of transfers at the same time. The publicity minded team could show its determination and return to Premier League relevance with a giant spending spree causing a number of dominos to fall at once. With Kroos, Hummels, Shaw and Koke as potential priorities, the quartet of young men could become very wealthy in short order. Red Devil fans are becoming tired of rumors and want some actual signings. Hopefully, the transfer action will occur soon given all the money to be spent to bolster the Old Trafford side.

Commentary by William Costolo

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