Michael Moore Undergoes Vicious Divorce

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Author and film director Michael Moore is undergoing a vicious divorce, reports The New York Post. He has gone as far as inviting two of his agents to partake in the ordeal. Moore is planning to bring Mort Janklow and Ari Emanuel to the stand in his defense.

The two agents will be on Moore’s witness list at next month’s trial. Both men have agreed to testify on how much money Moore’s wife wasted throughout the entirety of their 21- year marriage.

Ari Emanuel is the inspiration behind Ari Gold character in the movie Entourage. Mort Janklow is the literary agent who has been responsible for book deals on some of Moore’s controversial books: Downsize This!, Random Threats from an Unarmed American and Dude, Where’s My Country?

Michael Moore has been married to Kathleen Glynn, a native to Flint, Michigan, for 21 years. She produced some of Michael’s documentaries. Michael is said to be worth around $50 million dollars. He also won an Oscar for Bowling for Columbine in 2003. His wealth is also derived from other documentary works such as Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Glynn and Moore also co-wrote a book named Adventures in a TV Nation based on Moore’s NBC news magazine show. The couple, both residents of Michigan, owns a $2.1 million home on the breath-taking Torch Lake in Michigan. Fox News reports that Moore feels that his wife wasted money on the home by the lake.

The former couple owns a condominium in Manhattan, New York City as well as eight other properties in New York and Michigan. Moore filed for divorce but it is rumored that Kathleen has not yet responded. As of now, Moore and Glynn are no longer cohabitating.

Glynn and Moore do not have children together. According to MLive.com, Moored filed for the divorce in Antrim County, Michigan. He stated that there is no ethical likelihood that the marriage could be preserved. He has also placed a restraining order on Glynn, prohibiting her from selling any of the couple’s joint possessions.

As part of the divorce, the couple must reach an agreement regarding how to split their possessions.  If they cannot amicably decide between themselves how to split their assets, then the judge will decided for them as Michael Moore and Kathleen Glynn undergo a vicious divorce process.

Moore and Glynn met in Flint, Michigan. The pair got married on October 19, 1991. They began collaborated on several projects over the past 20 years. She became more of his producing partner beginning with his television series TV Nation. She also produced the 1995 comedy Canadian Bacon.

The couple managed to survive 21 years of marriage and have made notable names for themselves in the media, individually and as a couple. Despite their dual success, the couple appear set to split.

Michael Moore prepares to undergo a vicious divorce from Kathleen Glynn. Although reports say Glynn has not yet responded to the filing, Moore is more than eager to proceed with the process. Moore’s agents will testify in court to air Glynn’s dirty laundry about her spending habits. There have been no reports stating which party will continue to live in their $2.1 million home.

By Erica Sandifer

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