Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is Replacing Laptops

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Microsoft released its new Surface Pro 3, and it is significantly upgraded from past surface models. The best upgrade between the Surface Pro 3 and the previous versions of the Surface Pro is the physical structure. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has that laptop feel and look to it while being a tablet, making it a great replacement.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a better display than previous Surface Pro versions. The display is 12 inches, giving it a proper screen size to do work on like a laptop. The Surface Pro 3 also has a better weight distribution. The Surface Pro 3 weighs only 1.76 pounds, and spread throughout a 12 inch frame. The new type keyboard for the Surface Pro 3 is a lot like those keyboards found on a MacBook Pro. The new keyboard is also bigger and provides an improved typing experience with the added space. The Surface Pro 3 still has the option of a touchpad or type keyboard. The touchpad now has a click feature which is visibly apparent from the rest of the keyboard, a problem that the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 had previously.

Laptops are increasingly becoming less and less popular as tablets are taking over. More people are drawn into the idea of having a two-in-one machine as opposed to just a regular laptop. A tablet that can function as both a work laptop and a fun gaming experience is the newest desire on the market, and the Surface Pro 3 offers just that. It is no longer necessary to buy a laptop and a tablet separately, not consumers can have both in one lightweight machine. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is able to replace any laptop.

Microsoft has strongly marketed the Surface Pro 3’s weight. The new Surface is lighter than the MacBook Air, a very popular laptop. This difference in weight is hoped by Microsoft to be a big selling point. Another strong marketing angle for Microsoft was the Surface Pro 3’s ability to act as a laptop. The Surface Pro 3 was even placed in a docking station, proving how the tablet can not only do the work of laptop but also look just like one. The new kickstand for the Surface Pro 3 is able to be placed at any angle now, including almost completely flat.

The Microsoft Surface 3 is trying to get all buyers of iPads and MacBook laptops to make the switch to the Surface Pro, as this device can do both of those machines’ functions. While it may seem like the asking price for the Surface Pro 3 of $799 is a bit steep, it is reasonable when compared to the Apple’s 11 inch MacBook Air which goes for $899. Apple’s iPad Air sells for $499, making the Surface Pro 3 the smart buy as it is cheaper to buy this tablet that functions as a laptop as opposed to buying an $899 MacBook Air and a $499 iPad Air.

Reviews of the Surface Pro 3 have been buzzing with happy customers so far. Microsoft seems to have finally figured out how to make a device that can go up against the Apple products. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 can undoubtedly replace any laptop and has the look and feel of a tablet but works like a full computer.

Opinion by Amena S. Chaudhri

Los Angeles Times
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