Miley Cyrus Reason for Her Tongue Slinging

Miley Cyrus

Some celebrities, no matter where they may be, always seem to appear in the news much like the 21-year-old singer, Miley Cyrus. Cyrus, in recent reports, has taken on a sour persona after her rival, singer/actress Selena Gomez, beat her out at the 2014 Much Music Video Awards for the Favorite International Artist award in Toronto, Canada. Not too long after this was it reported that the young pop star tweeted her distaste, accusing Much Music for rigged voting. “Wigged woting” Cyrus starts out, continuing on to say “wis wack wust waying.”; this form of pig latin roughly translates to her saying “rigged voting is wack, just saying”. In these reports, Cyrus is seen, as per usual, sticking out her tongue which a majority of people seem to question why she does it. Now, it looks as though Miley Cyrus has a real reason as to why she does all of her tongue slinging.

Just about every photo taken of the Wrecking Ball singer displays her ever famous tongue sticking out of her mouth. As it turns out, the notorious pop singer becomes rather shy in front of the cameras. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Cyrus gives the big reason behind her tongue slinging ways. According to the interview, the We Can’t Stop songstress says that taking pictures, or having her picture taken, gets her rather embarrassed. “The truth is that, I’m really embarrassed since people are snapping photos of me” she tells Barbara. Cyrus continues to say that she does not know how to smile in pictures, so she sticks out her famous tongue because she does not know what else to do in them.

The reason behind Cyrus and her tongue slinging may seem a bit odd to certain individuals. It may seem all the more strange since there have been many photos prior to the tongue phenomenon with the former Hannah Montana star smiling with bright, white teeth. There are even some pictures of her in what looks to be modeling poses. Recently, however, Cyrus has been spotted posting out topless pictures of herself. She has even been seen walking about in see through clothing to the point where her nipples were exposed. One might think that if she was as embarrassed of people taking photos of her as she claims, then a different attire would be seen from her. But, much like her tongue, Cyrus seems to enjoy showing off her body as well.

Many comments on social media sites, such as Facebook, have come from fans and non-fans alike about Miley Cyrus’ reason for her tongue slinging. Some comments say almost the same thing in the manner that some people could not care less about what the singer does. Other comments, despite the subject surrounding the reason, appear to stick to the every day ‘we love you, Miley’ mantra. There have even been comments asking whether or not this is the real¬†reason behind her tongue display that is in just about every picture taken of Cyrus. However, whether or not that is the truthful reason behind her tongue action, it seems apparent that the fans will continue to see much more of her as well as her tongue.

Opinion by Isis E. Stevens

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