Nintendo Creates ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Open World [Video]

Legend of Zelda

Nintendo unveiled new The Legend of Zelda game at the E3 expo today. The Wii U game will be a fully open world for the first time in the history of the legendary game series. Players are faced with beautiful graphics and no boundaries and are free to pick the order in which they play the game. The top release is set to come out sometime in 2015, and a boost in Wii U sales are sure to follow.

Eiji Anuma, the series producer, released the news Tuesday morning at the entertainment and electronics conference in LA. He comments on how, in previous games, Nintendo just couldn’t create such a vast world. Each game has a set path, with every area having specific boundaries and strict entryways. This is what helped contribute to the puzzle aspect of this action game. Now, for the first time ever, players are offered freedom to explore, fight and save Hyrule in any order they please. The graphics are stunning, maturing the Zelda universe and bringing it up to par with the look and feel of current MMO’s and open-world games. Its look has been described as a hybrid between The Wind Waker and Skyrim (2011), featuring the hero, of time himself, looking much older than in previous games.

The popular game series has come a long way from the 8-Bit world, first released in 1986. Takashi Tezuka, Koji Kondo and Shigeru developed the first game through Nintendo. The series has since released 16 games on over 13 platforms. The latest release, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, came to the market on November 22, 2013 for the 3DS. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the only Zelda game made so far for Nintendo’s latest Wii platform, the Wii U. The Wind Waker is a high definition remake of the 2002 GameCube game. Zelda has famously re-released a number of their older games for current platforms. In 2011, they brought arguably one of their most successful games of the series, The Ocarina of Time (1998), back to the market. It was the first 3DS game to hit the million mark in sales.

Nintendo is hoping that the new Legend of Zelda release will bump Wii U sales, which first hit the market in 2012. The update to the popular Wii system, complete with touchscreen controls, has not been as successful as consoles in the past. With new consoles incorporating high definition graphics, expensive hardware and various applications, the cost to stay current in the gaming world is rising every year. With a price tag just under $300, consumers have shied away from buying the Wii U. However, with a series of new game releases on the bill, sales could change for the better.

This is what fans can expect from the latest Zelda game. Players will return as Link to the land of Hyrule, and surely have to save it from some new horror. The map will offer a larger number of dungeons than ever before, along with new monsters and creatures to face along the way. It will be a nice change for fans to roam free without a little fairy nagging them to stay on track. Adventurers everywhere can expect the new Legend of Zelda game in stores in 2015.

Opinion By Morgan Louchen


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