Nokia Achieves 4G Speed 400 Times Faster Than Offered in India


In today’s fast paced world where everything needs to be done within a second, the emergence of 4G speed internet service is a blessing. 4G technology promises high delivery speed of data and faster communication. However, the question is who will be the number 1 service provider of this technology to bring it to the reach of the common users. Last Wednesday,on June 11 2014, Nokia has successfully conceded another test for its speed, thereby declaring and claiming a record to the world that it can achieve 4G Speed, which is 400 times faster than offered in India.

The exhibit validated that it can empower the users to even download a HD quality movie within a quick span of 11 seconds by using 4G speed. When compared to the best 4G speed preferences offered by the most popular telecom companies, it was witnessed that the technology provided by Nokia using a South Korean network was 400 times faster and more reliable. This further justifies the statement that an average length Bollywood movie of 750 mb can get downloaded in just a few seconds.

Renowned telecom brand Airtel has claimed in their website that they can offer a 4G speed of 10 megabits per second for various devices like the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. A closer speed is also claimed by another service provider called Videocon. Comparison with many such popular service providers will also show the superior side of Nokia in 4G data segment making Nokia untouchable in the speed it is offering.

As compared to the presently prevalent 3G speed which is 1 megabit per second, a 4G connection would provide the users a speed of 6 megabits a second. Hence, it is 7 times faster than a 3G connection. What Nokia has done is that it has collaborated with South Korean Telecom by making an accumulation of frequencies of 10 spectra for a spectrum of 200 MHz. Hence, it has achieved a speed which none other could achieve so far. So, an entire musical album which earlier would have taken around 20 minutes to be downloaded can be downloaded in 3 seconds with a 4G connection. Therefore, it quite justifies the fact that Nokia can offer 400 times faster 4G speed in India which is a great achievement in terms of technology improvement.

During the year 2010 many companies has been victorious in the field of wireless broadband connections. They now will be losing their worth as Nokia will be offering a speed which is 10 times faster. It has recently handed over the handset section to the renowned Microsoft Corporation to just keep its focus in providing mobile solutions, tools and gears related to the telecoms and networking industry. It was Nokia who previously showcased just a 2.6 GBPS speed along with the telecom service provider, Sprint Corporation of USA. Emergence of 4G has changed the story all together now, making Nokia the best and the sole telecom operator to provide such a high-speed data delivery speed at affordable rates to the common user.

Hence, an investment towards a Nokia handset is a smart choice keeping in mind the future prospects at hand. The sole fact that Nokia Achieves 4G Speed, 400 times faster than already offered in India, is soon going to make the organization the most popular company in the market.

By Sunando Basu

Economic Times
The Hindu
Live Mint

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