Rising Star on ABC Second Night of Auditions (Review & Videos)

Rising Star Second Night of Auditions (Review & Videos)

On Rising Star tonight on ABC, hosted by Josh Groban, a second group of competitors gets to audition for the team of experts. If the singers get 70 percent or more of America’s votes, the Wall will rise up, and they will then get to move on in the competition. The panel of three experts, who can add an additional 7 percent to the total votes, are Kesha, Ludacris, and Brad Paisley.

Shameia Crawford, 30, will be the first performer up tonight on Rising Star. She is a preacher’s daughter, and she has sang background for other artists, but feels she “is at a crossroads” and does not want to be “a background singer” anymore. She feels this is her chance to make it big.

The song she sang was We Are Young. She has a tremendous, awesome, powerful voice, and like the lyrics of the song, she “set the world on fire.” She earned the votes of all three of the experts, and America kept voting for her.

She still just managed to get 69 percent of America’s votes, though West Coast votes could save her when they are tabulated. Kesha said “I think you’re amazing!” and thought that the West Coast votes “would save her.”

Brad Paisley said that “you brought it at the end” and he added that “this is what the West Coast votes are for,” to save singers who are close to getting the votes needed.

April Lockhart, 16, sang next. Though she has just one hand, she worked with her guitar teacher and learned how to play the guitar. She strums using a prosthetic. The sang she will be singing is Say You’ll Be There. She starts off great, and quickly got to 43 percent of the votes she needed, and the number kept on climbing. Brad Paisley was the first to add his votes for her, then Ludacris, and the Wall raised — April got 86 percent of the votes, easily raising the Wall!

Kesha said “You play the guitar better than me!” and added “I was really moved.”

Brad Paisley told her “You brought it. There’s something about you — you’re adorable.”

Ludacris said “I loved your story,” though he also said “Make sure you improve your weaknesses.”

Then, Rising Star went to the first commercial break of the evening. Though commercials are needed to pay the bills and stars so the programs can be on the air, they are kind of annoying.

The next performer,” Josh Groban said, “is Austin French.” Austin works for his church, and says “Music is in my DNA.” He said “Knowing that America is going to like me instantly will be very intimidating.”

Austin sang Georgia On My Mind and accompanied himself on the guitar. He was AMAZING, and the audience cheered and clapped along as he sang. He wailed, and got first Ludacris to vote for him among the experts, then Kesha, then Brad Paisley, and he easily busted over the 70 percent mark to get 86 percent of America’s votes.

Ludacris said “You had the courage to go for those runs,” and that “was enough for me to vote yes.”

Brad Paisley said “The way you deal with your nerves is everything,” and he said that he dealt with his nerves very well.

Kesha agreed, saying “You NAILED the notes, absolutely NAILED them.”

After another commercial break, Rising Star was back with the all-female trio, Trinitii. They all teach kids how to perform, and Josh tells them “You need to have laser-light focus” on what you’re doing and who you are.

Trinitii sang Problem, and though they sounded pretty good, it took them a while to build up the votes that they needed, and they did not wind up with enough votes. They only got 30 percent of the votes. Brad was one of the experts who voted no.

Brad said “The choreography, the singing, all needed to be a bit better to get our votes.”

Kesha said that she voted for them, and saw “Destiny’s Child” in them.

Ludacris said “I think you guys need a little more work together if you’re serious about being a group.”

Josh Groban then shared an exclusive look at Marvel’s upcoming movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. I looks like it will be a pretty cool movie, and will be in theaters August 1. Then, Rising Star went to another commercial break.

Up next is Alice Lee, 25, from Chicago. She says she always knew she wanted to perform, even when she was little. “The world of auditioning is rough,” Alice tells Josh. He says to her “You have a great energy.”

Alice Lee sings You and I, and immediately she got the audience really into her performance. The audience clapped along as she sang, and she did a great job with this song. She managed to get Kesha’s vote, then Ludacris voted for her, and she got 73 percent of the votes, enough to get the Wall to rise.

Ludacris voted yes for her, saying “You stayed strong in the face of adversity.”

Brad said that “There’s a real bluesiness to that song,” and he did not think her Broadway style was necessarily the best approach to the song.

Kesha said “By the end of the song, you had me.” The audience gave her a standing ovation, then Rising Star went to yet another commercial break.

Rye Davis, 25, a cattle farmer, will be next up on Rising Star. He was hit in the face with a baseball, blinding him in the right eye. He says “I didn’t realize I wanted to be a singer until I played Minor League ball.” Now, he has decided he wants to “make music my living.”

Rye Davis will be singing When You Say Nothing At All. He has a low, deep voice, and he sings this country standard really well. The audience claps along right from the beginning. None of the experts voted yes — they all voted no.

Brad tells him “You sound a lot like Alan Jackson. You have that, but it wasn’t there tonight.”

Kesha said “It was a little pitchy, but I wanted to cuddle you.” She added “I want you to not stop. If this is what you were meant to do, keep trying.”

Ludacris said “Like it says in the song, it would be better ‘if I said nothing at all.'”

Kesha tells him “You’re being mean!” and Rising Star went to another commercial break.

Josh says that “After tonight, there will be only one more night of auditions before the head-to-head Duel Round starts.”

Sonnet Simmons is up next. She tells Josh Grobin that she was born in Greece, and her mother had been in a cult. She says that “music has been a constant in my life.” She says she “can’t imagine a greater joy” than having the Wall go up, and knowing that America likes her.

Sonnet Simmons sings Wicked Game, and has a beautiful soaring voice. She KICKS BUTT with this song, hitting and sustaining some pretty high notes. Kesha added her votes to the total, then Brad. She wound up at 81 percent of the total votes, and will get to move on.

Kesha said “I was entranced by you.”

Ludacris says “You got my voice mostly out of curiosity. You went for it, and the courage right there is what got my yes vote.”

Brad says that “You have one of those voices that is like, ‘What is that?’ It’s like something unique that I haven’t heard before.”

After another break, Rising Star is back with Diedra Ervin, whose house burned down. She is now homeless. She has served in the military, then worked on a fishing boat, but she would really like to become a singer full-time.

“What’s up, L.A.?” she asked, then begins singing Anything Could Happen. She has the audience clapping right from the start of the song. Ludacris votes no for her, and Brad and Kesha also vote no. She only gets 26 percent of the votes she needed, so does not get to move on. Josh thanks her for her service to our country, and tells her that “anything can happen.”

Ludacris tells her “I liked your passion. I was pulling for you, but I thought you need to still get better.”

Kesha says “Sometimes it’s really hard to get over nerves, but you can work through that.”

Brad said “It came down to pitch. It started to waver more as the song went on, but you can overcome all of that, I believe. Keep it up.”

Josh said he wanted to “be involved” and that “I will do everything that I can to help you get your life back on track.” That was nice for Josh to say. More commercials followed.

After the commercial break, Josh Groban introduced Will Roth, 24, from Austin, Texas. He is a vet technician, and likes to work with animals. By night, he says he is a Private Investigator. He would like to reach more people with his music, and “give people chills.” He said “Everyone in the competition are gladiators. May the best man win.”

Will has a very cool voice. He sings Sweater Weather, and has the audience clapping along from the beginning. Kesha votes for him, then Brad, then Ludacris. He has an impressive vocal range. Will ended up getting 83 percent of America’s votes, and he will join the other performers who will be moving on.

Kesha says that she loves beards, and “is the International Ambassador for the Humane Society,” so she had to vote for him.

Ludacris says “When you did that last run and really took it there, that’s what made me say yes.”

Brad says “Good luck — It will be great to see what happens for you.” Then, Rising Star went to another commercial break.

Josh Groban announces that the Rising Star app has been downloaded over 3 million times so far. He asks Kesha is she has a beauty regimen, and she tells him, “Yes — unicorn tears.”

Kesha says that she wrote a song for Miley Cyrus, and it became the title of one of her albums. She does not say what song or album, though.

Egypt Dixon, 18, is the next performer on Rising Star. She says that her mom “has always been the strongest member of my family.” She she tells Josh that she will sing Fancy by Iggy Azalea.

She definitely sings the song with a lot of attitude. Ludacris looks a little bit doubtful. Kesha votes for her, and she has the audience clapping along as she sings. Ludacris and Brad vote no. She ended up with just 44 percent of America’s votes, not enough to move on.

Kesha: “The most important thing is that you had fun. I don’t think that was the best song for you, though.’

Ludacris said “I thought that was the wrong song for you. You have more of a future in singing rather than rapping.”

Brad told her “I really love your voice, and I would really like to hear you sing more down the road, I hope.”

Adam Jaymes will be singing next on Rising Star. He says he has two dogs and is married, and he says that his dad was his number one fan, and passed away last year in a car accident. He tells Josh that his last words to his son were “Son, I’m proud of you.”

Adam sings I Won’t Give Up. He has an INCREDIBLE voice, and NAILS this song! Brad Paisley adds his votes, then Kesha, and he easily goes over the 70 percent he needs, getting 74 percent of america’s votes.

Brad tells him that he relates to his story, and tells him “Harness your vulnerability,” adding “I saw Timberlake a little bit in you.”

Kesha yelled out “I agree!” and said that she really liked how well he sang.

Ludacris says he voted for him, but saw he wanted it so bad, and that’s why he voted for him.

Megan Tibbits, 26, tells Josh that she “was in a family band.” They went on tour all around America singing at churches. They used “a bunch of weird instrumnets,” she says. She will be playing a harp as she sings. “If the Wall goes up, it will be such a rush,” she tells Josh.

Megan Tibbits sings All of Me. She is AWESOME, both at playing the harp and singing. The audience cheered and applauded for her. Ludacris was not impressed, voting no for her. Kesha voted yes towards the end, as did Brad. She just made it to 68 percent of the votes she needed. She would have gone over if Ludacris had voted for her, but he says “Maybe the West Coast will send you through.”

Kesha says “I relate to your story.” She added that “Your whole performance was unique.” There was not time left in the show to hear Brad’s comments.

There will only be one more night of auditions on Rising Star, and then the show will go to the Duel Rounds, where Josh says that America’s votes will count for more than ever before. It looks like it will be up to the West Coast voters as to the fates of both Megan Tibbits and Shameia Crawford. They need just a few more votes to make it into the next rounds, and they are counting on getting those votes from the West Coast.

The second week of Rising Star saw yet more very talented singers perform, and get the chance to move on to the next rounds thanks to the votes of America and the three experts, Brad Paisley, Ludacris, and Kesha. Next week’s episode of Rising Star will be sure to showcase even more great singers. Please leave any comments about the show below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb