Samsung Group to Release Galaxy Note 4 at IFA in Berlin

Samsung Group

The amount of hype surrounding Samsung Group and its upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 4 has been mounting for some time. Although the group is small, the fans of the niche device series have been throwing out concept images of the new phone for months. Rumor and speculation continue to fly as fans eagerly await announcements from Samsung detailing the ins and outs of their plans at the Internationale Funkausstellung, or IFA, in Berlin, Germany. Directly translated, the title means International Radio Exhibition Berlin (sometimes called the Berlin Radio Show), which has been a springboard for the newest technologies for years, and this year, on September 5th through the 10th, some companies will jump farther than ever.

The history of the IFA in Germany is very rich, indeed. 2014 marks the 54th IFA conference since the first conference held in 1924. Some 180,000 people attended the inaugural conference, then called the “Great German Radio Exhibition,” to seek out the newest technology of the day -vacuum tube  and early detector radio receivers. In 1930, Albert Einstein gave the keynote speech, emphasizing the importance of such events. The peak attendance of the IFA occurred in 1991 with just over 500,000 people coming to see technology presented by approximately 1,000 exhibitors.

Although technology has come a long way since vacuum tubes and the radio, the importance of such group events remains the same as it ever has. An electronics convention that brings people together to enjoy the newly released creations of the world’s top inventors and innovators is not simply an excuse to gather – it shows that people still care and have respect for the technology that they consume. Both individuals and companies alike deserve recognition for the long days, and sometimes nights, that go into putting a new cell phone into the proverbial back pocket of the world. Samsung Group is one of the biggest contributors at IFA Berlin.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is just one of the new devices looking to be released at IFA this year. Its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, was released at the IFA last year and continues to turn heads. Many share the opinion that the series of phones pushes the boundaries between phone and tablet with a 5.7 inch screen. Others have complained about the fact that the phone does not work well with Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface (UI) or that single-hand usage is impossible. Even with these opinions flying left and right, it is almost undeniable that Samsung Group has hit it out of the park with the Galaxy Note series. At one point, the Note 3 sold 10 million units in 60 days after its release.

Although rumors have flown for months about the official release date and actual specifications for the phone’s hardware, Samsung Group has not officially announced the Galaxy Note 4 release date or spec list. However, the last three iterations of the phone series have been released at IFA Berlin events for the last three years, so it is a good bet. Because of the previous success of the Note series, it is possible that the Note 4 could exceed other notable Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S series, in sales. The important thing is that Samsung Group makes a good presentation and shows off the best that Samsung Group has to offer. Fans have no doubt that it will be a good show.

By Phillip Schmidt

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