Selena Gomez Needs to Give Up the Habit

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez really needs to give up the habit, and that habit is Justin Bieber. After she has finally been spotted on an official date with the Canadian singer, it is clear their relationship is back on again. However, he is already a bad influence by being part of the reason for a party at her Los Angeles home, which led to the appearance of the police.

Gomez’s family is not happy about the decision, and former BFF Taylor Swift has already turned her back on the star. How long before others decide that she just cannot be saved? It will be too late for her when something does go inevitably wrong in the relationship yet again.

Bieber’s team does not seem surprised at the decision to start the relationship again. According to one source, the two have remained in contact despite breaking up over the Jenner sisters incident. This apparently happens every time, leading to them forgetting all about the trouble and heartache and just getting back with each other anyway.

The 21-year-old is certain that her Canadian boyfriend has changed his ways this time. To prove it he has even taken on religion with her, and attended bible study. This could all be for show, which is something many of the former Disney star’s friends worry about.

Gomez really needs to give up the habit of going back to Bieber. He is no good for her, and it could lead to damage to her life and her health. She needs to keep her stress under control, and the 20-year-old has already proven he is no good for that. Even when they were apart, he would cause her heartache because of his various actions. At the start of the year she tried to help him get his life back in order by suggesting he go to rehab for help.

Speaking of rehab, just before suggesting it to Bieber she had been there. Part of the reason was due to being overworked, but there was also the stress of her relationship—and lack of relationship at the time—with the Boyfriend singer. He was tiring her out with all his escapades. It would be a shame if her stress levels were at a point where she had to go back into rehab, and this time remain for longer. It was be even more of a shame if she turned to drugs or alcohol to deal with the stress of being with Bieber.

The Canadian singer is also a womanizer. Gomez knows this, and it would beg the question of whether she will ever be able to trust him. While she may want to, there will always be questions in the back of her mind. This is especially the case if she keeps her promise from last week about not having sex until after marriage. Will Bieber really be able to wait that long?

This toxic relationship is not going to be good for the Wizards of Waverly Place star. She has so much to give in life, and she is getting herself mixed up with the wrong person. Bieber is a habit, and it is time for Gomez to give it up for good.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Los Angeles Times