Selena Gomez Smiles Through the Pain

Selena Gomez

As Best Smile nominee for a Teen Choice Award in 2013 and nominated for the same prize this year, Selena Gomez knows how to blast her megawatt smile, even when she is smiling through an invisible mask of pain. Her on and off again relationship with pop superstar Justin Bieber takes its toll. When times are good, they are very good. Unfortunately for Gomez, even when her relationship with Bieber is on a roll she never knows how long it will last or which of his many fawning female admirers will turn his head.

Hollywood reporting is often contradictory, but reporting on Gomez and Bieber is more perplexing than most relationships. At the heart of the confusion lies Bieber’s intentions. One minute he sounds as if he is considering a proposal, which is rumored to be a possibility in July for Gomez’s 22nd birthday, and the next minute he is rumored to be ogling Amber Rose. Perhaps the reporting is contradictory because Bieber is a 20-year-old walking contradiction himself. He is young, very wealthy and has young, beautiful women falling all over him. Those things are obvious. He also expresses a need for a more grounded life from time to time and seems to grasp at Gomez when the grounded part of him is winning.

Selena Gomez always smiles, but sometimes the flash of the smile comes through a wall of pain only she can feel. Something is definitely off with her lately. She fired her mother and step father a within recent months as her agents. Firing close family members is generally a sign of some sort of problem. The new agents she hired, who also represent Katy Perry, were also fired after only about a month of working for Gomez. The pattern of behavior of firing representation sometimes shows inner pain from the star doing the firing.

The contradictory reports of their time together also hints at problems between Gomez and Bieber. The recent zoo outing of the couple included Bieber’s grandparents. Going to the zoo with family members and girlfriend reveals a thoughtful side of the pop impresario and shows his grounded self coming out again. On the flip side, other reports link the couple allegedly doing lines of cocaine together at a nightclub. To engage in risky drug use is bad enough and to compound the situation by doing it in public show a recklessness that could be careening out of control. Bieber appears to be back at work again, although what he is preparing remains up for debate. Hopefully, his work will push him away from his reckless behavior if his grounded side cannot.

Selena Gomez enjoys a life envied by many of her peers. Although she has the trappings of fame, she also has more than her fair share of difficulties. Firing your parents would be tough at any age. Dealing with a boyfriend or significant other who is constantly accused of cheating would be difficult for anyone, even if the boyfriend in question was not rich and frequently travelling. Selena Gomez generally puts up a brave front as she smiles through her pain and frustration. Hopefully she will have a giant rock to flash at the Teen Choice Awards in August. Her overwhelming smile will definitely be real then.

By William Costolo

Hollywood Life

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