Sherri Shepherd Finally Speaks Out About Her Pending Divorce

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The View chatter box Sherri Shepherd had been ever so silent since news broke back in May surrounding details of the domestic drama of her private life. Recently caught on the red carpet at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala event in New York City, Sherri Shepherd finally broke her silence and spoke out on her feelings in light of all of the attention placed on her in the past month and how she has been managing to deal with her issues.

Shepherd told reporters on the red carpet that she admits that she basically picked the wrong guy to marry and is choosing not to beat herself up over her failed attempt to find love. While doing some introspective work on herself, Sherri Shepherd further says she recognizes that all she can do is move forward and try to not make the same mistake again.

Social media and tabloid magazines had been abuzz with word that Shepherd’s husband of two years, Lamar Sally abruptly split and filed for legal separation from the  co-host of The View after marrying in 2012. The details of the split reportedly painted Sherri Shepherd to be an unfit mother when it was noted that Sally was seeking full custody of their unborn child due in July via surrogate. Sally was also seeking spousal support. In court documents filed back in May, Lamar Sally cited irreconcilable differences and was offering Shepherd limited visitation of the soon to be born infant. Sherri Shepherd fired back with court documents of her own, filing for divorce and seeking full legal and physical custody of the child.

To further throw salt in her wound, Sherri Shepherd’s first husband, Jeff Tarpley, filed court papers in Los Angeles seeking full custody of their nine-year-old special needs son named Jeffrey. Almost as if both men were working together to plot a takedown of the talk show host, fIn this matter, Tarpley disclosed in court papers, accusing Shepherd of being a neglectful mother leaving the child in the hands of “unfit nannies” and raised concerns over the young boys hygiene, his inability to tie his own show and his inability to read at grade level.

At the event, Sherri Shepherd tells the press that she has taken refuge in the comfort of her closest friends who have rallied around her and given her the strength and support to keep showing up to work everyday on the popular ABC daytime talk show and keep smiling. At the moment, Shepherd says that in time she will come to the realization of what actually went wrong and why she thought Lamar Sally would have made her ultimate life partner. For the time being, Shepherd says she has to remain strong for the sake of her young son and for the responsibilities she has a co-host of a nationally televised show. Shepherd says there is no way possible she could afford to have a nervous breakdown over her issues and must just keep moving on calling on her friends and her faith.

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