Student and Suspect Dead in Oregon High School Shooting


One male student and a lone gunman are confirmed dead at a Portland, Oregon area high school according to the Troutdale, Oregon Police Department. Troutdale, Oregon, 12 miles east of Portland, also confirmed the shooting at Reynolds High School. Reports indicate the shooting was reported to the police around 8:07 a.m.  SWAT teams and FBI members arrived on the scene to aid local police.

The  gunman walked into Reynolds High School and fatally shot a student Tuesday before police found him dead a short time later.  The shooting was believed to have taken place in a locker room near or gymnasium. The gunman has been confirmed to be a male teen but it is not yet known if he was a student or how he died but there are unconfirmed reports of him dying from a self-inflicted wound.  Many students have told reporters that the gunman appeared to be wearing a bullet proof vest and a motorcycle helmet. Health teacher and track coach Todd Rispler was reportedly chased by the gunman and suffered a superficial gunshot wound. He was not taken to a hospital.

The Troutdale Police department indicated that they had checked the school room by room after evacuating students and that they had tentatively identified the gunman but they were not yet ready to release his name. They also praised two school resource officers at Reynolds High School as being the first responders to the tragedy.

The shooting Tuesday is the third in less than a week in the United States and comes on the heels of a similar incident at Seattle Pacific University on June, 5 where one student was killed and three others injured. Three others were killed in Las Vegas last weekend, including two police officers and an armed civilian that tried to stop them, as Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller went on a shooting spree in a Las Vegas restaurant and Wal-Mart before the couple carried out a suicide pact.

About an hour after the shooting, Oregon State Police said the area was stabilized. Parents had initially been instructed to stay away from the school while police respond but police have now confirmed they are reuniting students and parents now. Final exams were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, the final days on the school calendar and many students had not yet arrived at school. It is also believed that the no seniors were on campus Tuesday as they prepared for graduation this weekend.

A Life Flight helicopter was dispatched to the area after the sheriff’s office confirmed to local reporters that the gunman was dead. Police reportedly cornered the shooter in a bathroom at the school and the school was placed in a lock-down after the shooting was reported and students were evacuated.

Reynolds High School is located in Troutdale, a Portland suburb with a population of approximately 16,000 people. Reynolds  is the second largest high schools in the state, with roughly 2,800 students. It is also now the home of another shooting spree in the US as one student and the suspect is now confirmed dead.

By Mick Varner
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer

Business Insider