Two Individuals Allegedly Charged in ‘Extremely Brutal Murder’ of Infant Girl

Two Individuals Allegedly Charged in 'Extremely Brutal Murder' of Infant Girl

Two individuals in North Carolina have been allegedly charged in the “extremely brutal murder” of an infant girl, age 15 months, stated the Kannapolis police. During a post mortem examination, the deceased toddler was discovered to have suffered shocking injuries which included having numerous broken bones, torn and ripped intestines and even damage to her vagina.

North Carolina state police stated that John Travis Turner, age 30 and Alisha Nicole Carlisle, age 20, were both arrested and taken into custody on Monday for the alleged killing of infant Malaya Heun. The Kannapolis Police Chief, J.W. Chavis, was blunt and to the point when he told the media that young Malaya’s murder was one of the most terrible cases of child abuse he had ever been witness to in nearly 30 years of being in law enforcement.

Two Individuals Allegedly Charged in 'Extremely Brutal Murder' of Infant Girl1

Police detectives state that the young child was assaulted back on Jan. 19, of this year and ended up dying 48 hours later from severe complications of hypovolemic shock and also blunt force trauma. Carlisle and Turner have each been charged with first degree murder, felony child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

Police Chief Chavis explained that he had been witness to many battered and abused children throughout his career but this one was especially disturbing knowing just how much the young child must have suffered before she died. He stated that his investigators had worked very hard on this specific case and each one of them had a photograph of little Malaya hanging on their respective desks to remind them of the agony and distress which was perpetrated upon the little girl. The case has been top priority for the department since day one to make sure justice was served for Malaya.

However Turner’s own mother has another story and is telling the media that police have gotten everything all wrong. Marcia Turner declared that her son was innocent; she knew he was and she also said he would be proven innocent of all charges.

Turner’s mother stated that Turner spent a lot of time with the toddler back in January and that her son had experienced a close and great relationship with the child. She said that she had seen her son with Malaya many times over and that he deeply loved children so he would never have hurt the little girl.

Marcia Turner explained that that her son was sobbing when he gave her a call about the news on Monday morning. He enlightened that he had no idea who was behind Malaya’s murder, but that it had nothing to do with him. Mrs. Turner further stated that her boy explained that he did believe the toddler had fell down a flight of stairs.

WARNING: The below information is extremely graphic and may be considered too explicit for some readers.

The North Carolina police issued out search warrants that were processed while little Malaya attempted fighting for her life at a medical center in Charlotte. The warrants stated that medical employees at the hospital explained the young toddler had to be treated for extensive pain and trauma.

The medical center told the Kannapolis Police that Malaya had at least seven broken ribs, both her head and body were very bruised and she even was suffering from a displaced clavicle and ripped intestines.

The issued warrants also stated that the baby had suffered from both vaginal and rectal damage, which was consistent with her having been both physically and sexually abused.

Her torn bowels ended up resulting in an extremely serious infection which caused Malaya to go into septic shock. The young child had to undergo an emergency operation and was then put on life support. She ended up dying on Jan. 22, 2014. Medical records also showed that Malaya had a 0.02 blood alcohol content.

Because of that, John Turner and Alisha Carlisle, have both allegedly been charged in her “extremely brutal murder”.

By Kimberly Ruble


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