Ubisoft Reveals Beta and Release Dates for The Crew

The Crew November 11

E3 2014 is proving to be loaded with exciting news. Adding to the excitement is Ubisoft. During their press conference they revealed that a beta for the open-world racing title The Crew will become open July 27. Wonder what it would look like to take a virtual road trip? Check it out.

Uniting with your friends and creating your own group of like-minded car enthusiasts is how The Crew intends to bring people together. The experience is one other racing titles have not attempted, not like this. Many are familiar with the The Crew because of previous showings at E3. Now, the title is finally confirming a release date, November 11. If you would like to sign up for the beta, check out the link below. This announcement marks only the beginning of what Ubisoft has to show off this E3.

By Garrett Jutte
The Crew
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