Will Kim Kardashian Risk Her Figure for Another Baby?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves being a mom to baby North, and the reality star really loves being in shape and wearing high fashion clothes. Kardashian is photographed every single day, everywhere she goes, and her beauty and style is what keeps the public fascinated with her. Kim Kardashian makes her living by keeping her figure in the best shape, so will the reality star risk losing it for another baby?

Kardashian has always been beautiful and curvy. America was fascinated with her before she was famous for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The public noticed the reality star back when she was only a sidekick to former pal, Paris Hilton. Since then, Kardashian has enjoyed steady work as a TV personality, a model, and most recently, a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, since partnering with new husband, Kanye West.

Kardashian was ridiculed for her figure while she was pregnant with her first baby, North West. Suddenly, when the reality star was photographed, the headlines with her pictures called her fat, disgusting, and even stooping so low to compare her to a beached whale. People made fun of her fashion choices, calling them unflattering. Kardashian was also teased for choosing to wear heels instead of flats, because her feet were swollen. No matter what Kardashian did during her pregnancy, the reality star just couldn’t win.

Even though other stars tweeted their support for the star, Kardashian was upset with so much negativity towards her during that special time in her life. During the last few weeks of her pregnancy, the star tried to keep out of the public eye. Even after Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby North, she hid until she got her figure back, and wouldn’t risk being photographed before that, fearing the negative comments about her weight.

Kardashian worked really hard to lose the 50 pounds she gained during her pregnancy. The reality star admits to doing the Atkins diet and working out every day. Kardashian did 100 squats every morning to get her famous backside into shape. The reality star said she felt bullied throughout the entire pregnancy, and she used that as her motivation to get into even better shape than she was before.

Now, almost a year later, Kardashian is in the best shape ever and is happy that she can now wear things that she couldn’t before she was pregnant. The reality star looks trim and toned, and is constantly wearing flattering shapes to show it off. Many speculate that Kardashian’s new high fashion look is from the influence of her husband, Kanye West. Kardashian also looked amazing at her recent wedding, in a backless lace gown.

However, it would be understandable for Kim Kardashian to be a little worried about losing her perfect figure if she gets pregnant again with another baby. The media is not kind to female celebrities who gain weight, even if it is for something as special as a pregnancy. Jessica Simpson was also bullied for her weight gain while she was pregnant, however, the singer now looks better than ever. Hopefully, if Kardashian does get pregnant again, the media will be kinder and allow the reality star to enjoy the process this time around.

Opinion by Sara Petersen

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