Woman Struggles to Cancel TV Subscription For Strange Reason


A woman in the UK is struggling to cancel her TV subscription for a very strange reason indeed. The 56-year-old sounds like a man when she speaks, and the customer service at Sky refuse to believe she is the person on the account.

Many people have difficult cancelling their subscriptions. Companies want to keep their customers, and will offer extra products or discounts just to prevent losing them to the competition. However, it is not a case of being led around in circles as the company tries to keep hold of Norma Clarke. She genuinely sounds like a man.

This is a medical condition. She was born with enlarged vocal chords, which make her voice sound much deeper than it really is. When the customer service cannot see the woman in person, they struggle to believe that this is not a man in real life.

It is unfortunately for Clarke has there is no cure for her condition. It could lead to her being stuck with the Sky TV subscription service for the rest of her life, until the team recognize that this is a genuine issue and she is the person she says she is. There is nobody else named on the account who can cancel the service for her, and the company refuse will refuse to allow anyone other than the bill payer stop the subscription.

Struggling to cancel the TV subscription for this strange reason is not the only problem the 56-year-old woman has had in her life. She has found herself the butt of jokes throughout her life, including from her children. However, she now likes to play along with the jokes and will even trick people on purpose. At least she is comfortable with that, and has learned how to live with it. There are plenty of others who would really struggle to live a life being so different.

In an interview, she explained that she was speaking to a friend’s brother who lived in Canada. He had never met her, and they were chatting over Skype. However, he could not see her in person, so she could pretend to be a man. Getting carried away, she pretended to be someone called Charlie who was recently divorced with two children and was dating the man’s sister. It is unclear whether the man ever did find out who this Charlie really was.

When it comes to love, she has never really had a problem. Men like the way she sounds, and the fact that she is different.

Now Clarke just has to find a way around the problem with cancelling her services. When everything is done via phone, she will find it extremely difficult. It will be very hard to explain her condition and the fact that she is really the person who pays the bill. There is hope that someone will read the media reports and realize that the enlarged vocal chords are a real problem, and can lead to the sound that she is actually a man. Until then, this poor woman will continue to struggle with cancelling her TV subscription, and any other over-the-phone subscriptions, because of this very strange reason.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham