2014 Commonwealth Games Poster Boy Michael Jamieson Disappointed at Silver

2014 Commonwealth Games

The Scottish poster boy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Michael Jamieson was extremely disappointed with his silver medal last night. His fellow countryman and teammate Ross Murdoch took the gold in the 200m breaststroke, shocking the country and himself in the process.

It was clear when Jamieson stood on the podium to accept his silver medal that he was disappointed. His straight face said it all. The Glaswegian also admitted that it was a poor race for him, considering he was targeting breaking the world record, which Murdoch eventually did.

Jamieson had previously admitted that he was nervous going into the 2014 Commonwealth Games. After his success at the 2012 London Olympics there was a lot of pressure on him to do well. He ended up seeking help from a psychotherapist to prepare mentally for the Games, so he would not buckle under the pressure.

He knew that he had to pick up the pace in the final for the 200m breaststroke. His teammate had already beaten him to take first place going into the final.

There will be many who question whether the swimmer can really be disappointed with silver. He still came second and it is still an amazing achievement. At least the person who beat him was a fellow countryman and teammate. However, considering the amount of training Jamieson would have put in for the Games, it is completely understandable that he was disappointed.

There were no hateful comments directed at Murdoch. He did seem happy for Murdoch that he had done so well, but he was disappointed in himself. It does not help that Jamieson was the poster boy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and he “only” gained a silver medal, which is disappointing thinking about it that way.

It was certainly not disappointing for the Scottish people in Tollcross Pool where the swimming is taking place. The crowds cheered loudly for bother Jamieson and Murdoch as they took their place on the podiums. Scottish people also sung the national anthem, Flower of Scotland, as loudly as possible. It could almost rival the singing of the Brazilian national anthem from the 2014 World Cup in Rio just two weeks ago. Murdoch was in tears on the podium as it finally sunk in that he had taken the gold in an international championship on home ground.

While speaking after his race, it was clear that Jamieson was trying to hold back the tears. He knew that he was not good enough but the only person he could blame was himself. It is disappointing to try so hard for something and just fall short at the end. The Glasgow swimmer was just over a second slower than his teammate. He did admit that Murdoch deserved the win and congratulated him publicly.

On the other hand, Andrew Willis took the bronze, giving England another medal. While he was targeting a faster time, he was extremely happy to stand on the podium in third place. He stated that it was a “step in the right direction” for his swimming career.

The good news is that Jamieson is still young and will be able to keep training for the 2016 Olympics. However, the pride to stand on home soil and take the gold has gone. That is possibly the most disappointing factor for Jamieson, the poster boy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, who has taken silver in the 200m breaststroke.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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