‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’ Promo Is Fake [Video]

American Horror Story

A terrorizing promo for the highly anticipated FX television series, American Horror Story: Freakshow was revealed on July 13, but was confirmed by the network as a fake. The trailer was apparently fan-made, but still garnered an immense amount of attention for creator, Ryan Murphy’s fourth installment of the anthology series.

Though the teaser is false, it is very convincing as an official video. It is very brief, running just over twenty seconds in length, but the video provides every bit of intense horror that fans of the series have come to know. A pair of angelic, white feathered wings slowly break open to reveal a young woman in a white dress who appears suspiciously unhappy. She is crouched on a stage with the words “Fallen Angel” hanging above her. She slowly rises to her feet as the camera cuts to shots of feathers from her wings floating in the air, descending to the ground. As the woman stands up straight, the image of a small man with messy clown makeup is seen in the shadows over her shoulder. The visual cuts to the backside of the woman where it is revealed that the clown is operating the movement of her wings. To the audience’s horror, the video shows that the woman’s wings have been screwed into her back, undoubtably with harsh force judging by the bloodstains that drip down her back. The teaser closes by displaying a logo for the Freakshow season.

American Horror Story is known for its cynical and creepy trailers that foreshadow what is to come in each season’s fall release. This one is no different and seems to have garnered a large amount of hype amongst Horror Story fans within the first day of its release, an impressive feat for the fan who created the video. Last year’s American Horror Story: Coven was received by fans and critics alike as fairly light and more commercial than the darker, grittier likes of the first two seasons, Murder House and Asylum. Creatives for Freakshow state they are aiming to return to same tone that is felt in the beginning episodes.

Although this American Horror Story: Freakshow promo is fake, the official plot for the next season has been released. For those that are unaware, each season of Horror Story has a completely different storyline that includes most of the same principal cast playing different characters throughout the series.

The official plot for Freakshow is set in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950’s, and stars the show’s leading lady, Jessica Lange as a former German patriot who heads what is said to be one of the last remaining freak shows in the country. Lange discovers and rescues a band of misfits that compose the unusual individuals within her carnival. These aforementioned “freaks” will be played by stars of past seasons, including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy and Angela Bassett. Star from The Shield, Michael Chiklis is also signed on to make an appearance. The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy stated that most of season three’s cast will be returning, which means audiences can look forward to seeing the likes of performers such as Emma Roberts and Gabourey Sidibe once again.

The reveal of the fake promo for American Horror Story: Freakshow has heightened the excitement and anticipation of viewers around the globe. FX may even be thankful for the hype that this highly-dedicated fan has stirred and may use it to their advantage. As no official video footage of Freakshow has been released, viewers can expect news on the latest installment before the show’s fall release. Previous seasons of American Horror Story are available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

By Cody Collier

The Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Life
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