‘America’s Got Talent’ Tenth Best Audition: Loop Rawlins [Video]

America s Got Talent Loop Rawlins

NBC hit America’s Got Talent will begin the Las Vegas shows this week where acts that made it through the auditions will now get a chance to make it to the live performance shows. At those shows, America gets to vote on who will win the $1 million dollars and become a headlining act in Las Vegas for the next year. While America’s Got Talent had a lot of great acts auditioning this year, there are 10 that really stood out this season and one of the 10 best auditions was Loop Rawlins.

Loop Rawlins is a professional cowboy. As Rawlins put it, “Everyone wants to be a cowboy, and I never grew out of it.” The father of two is a rope-spinner, who does great tricks using a lasso, which is both entertaining and thrilling to watch. He not only did tricks that many of the judges found awe-inspiring, but added some additional flare at the end of his act, by setting the rope on fire and performing the same tricks with the burning rope. It was both exciting and thrilling to watch.

What makes America’s Got Talent (AGT) so unique is that it brings some unusual kinds of talent out, and Loop Rawlins is one example of such an act, and this is why he was the tenth best auditions this season. Most reality, contest-type shows focus on just one kind of act, and this is what separates America’s Got Talent from the rest. It not only draws out traditional kinds of acts, such as singers and dancers, but also finds unique kinds of talents, and Rawlins is the epitome of this kind of act.

What also makes AGT so different from other shows is to see that some are trying to take their talent and to find a way to turn it into a career, so that they can care for their families. Rawlins is a husband and father, and his talents are such that he could really do something to make a living for himself and his family.

Rawlins had the total look and feel of a cowboy. He appeared in all black garb, to include a black cowboy hat and boots. He had a black handlebar mustache that brought about the appearance of the old west cowboy. Even the black vest he wore added to the persona of him as a cowboy. The only thing that was missing was a Colt-45, which would not have fit into his act anyway.

The rope-spinner’s act began with some tricks where he jumped through the twirling rope, spun the rope around his arm and waist, and jumped in and out of the rope as it spun. After about a minute of tricks he stopped, had the rope set on fire, and then performed some additional tricks with the burning rope. Judge Howard Stern called it “unique” and Heidi Klum talked of how it “Wowed” her.

The seventh episode of season nine of American’s Got Talent had some very exciting acts, and Loop Rawlins was one of the top 10 best auditions that has been shown for this season. Stern talked of how Rawlins act “Saved the day,” and all the judges seemed to greatly enjoy the excitement of watching the cowboy do his tricks. He showed a unique act that has not been seen on any of the previous seasons, and this has earned him a place in the top 10.

Opinion by Nathan Sullivan

Arizona Daily Star

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