Argentina World Cup Celebration Turns Violent


Thousand of Argentines who were proud of their country’s undeniable hard work and effort in attempting to win the World Cup against Germany gathered at the Obelisk monument in downtown Buenos Aires on Sunday after the big game. Although Argentina lost to Germany 1-0 in the World Cup finals, fans still showed their support to applaud their team’s best performance in 24 years. However shortly after the peaceful assembly, the Argentina World Cup celebration turned violent when vandals began hurling rocks, destroying property and breaking into a movie theater.

Police began chasing down the young delinquents and used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the violent individuals that had put a damper on the celebration. Sergio Berni, the national security secretary, stated that a total of 120 people had been detained. The emergency medical service in Buenos Aires also reported on Monday that 70 people, including 15 police officers, were treated for injuries from the incident.

Unfortunately the situation spoiled the spontaneous and loyal show of encouragement from the fans toward their team. The Argentina World Cup celebration turned violent and sadly ruined the harmonious festivities that transpired after the competition. Before the detrimental occurrence took place, Argentines stood confidently near their national landmark to give praise to Argentina’s endeavors.

Even though the Obelisk is traditionally a location where supporters gather to celebrate a victory, people of all ages stood near the monument and shouted, “Argentina! Argentina!” Firecrackers were also set off into the air and cars honked their horns in allegiance. Horacio Laseiras, age 53, said that Argentina has nothing to regret because the team played to the best of their ability. Eduardo Rodriguez, age 31, mentioned that although team captain Lionel Messi played well, he still does not compare to Diego Maradona who led Argentina to its World Cup final win in 1986. Soledad Canelas, age 19, stated that he felt an enormous sadness after the loss. He continued by saying that he had an illusion of witnessing Argentina become the champions of the World Cup for the first time in his life.

Hundreds of the Argentina flags were raised along busy avenues over the weekend and large posters of Messi’s smiling face could be seen on almost every corner in Buenos Aires. During the tournament, more than 20,000 attendees dressed in blue and white to support the colors of the Argentina flag and stood at the Plaza San Martin to view the match on the giant screen.

On Monday morning, the Argentina national team was greeted and welcomed home by thousands of followers after its courageous performance in the World Cup final game. Crowds of fans sporting blue and white-striped jerseys of the country’s football players flooded the street that lead from the airport to the sports complex. The team appeared in Buenos Aires in an airplane that was painted with imagery of the players with a sign that said, “Thank you Argentina.”

Argentina team member Federico Fernández said proudly to his team that they played with courage, passion, and bringing everything they had and more to the field that they can triumph. He continued by saying, “Not only does the one in first place win, but you also win when you show quality and unite with others to go forward.”

Argentina’s fans seem to have as much dedication to the game as the national team; living and breathing nothing but devotion for the players and their efforts. Sadly as people were striving to show their fondness for the country’s team members, the Argentina World Cup celebration turned violent and disrupted the revelry. Hopefully the next time Argentina plays in the World Cup finals, fans will be able to rejoice peacefully without any brutal interference.

By Amy Nelson


Kansas City Star

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