Baltimore Ravens Corner Back Jimmy Smith Arrested


Baltimore Ravens corner back Jimmy Smith was arrested Saturday night on a charge of disorderly conduct. Smith was in a Towson, Maryland bar when he was involved in an incident with police and an intoxicated woman. Smith was assisting the woman who had become sick in the bathroom, and when police asked him to exit in the hall, he refused, and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

This is the fifth arrest for a Raven in this off-season. In March, Ravens’ running back Ray Rice was arrested after assaulting the woman who would become his wife. Deonte Thompson, a wide receiver, was arrested for possession of pot. Jah Reid, an offensive lineman, was booked on misdemeanor battery. Finally, Lorenzo Taliaferro, a running back and a rookie, was charged with destruction of property and being drunk and disorderly. Except for Taliaferro, whose court date is scheduled for later in the month, the players all entered into pretrial diversion programs or had their charges dropped.

While this is the first time Smith has been arrested during his NFL career, it is not his first run in with trouble. At Colorado University, Smith had a few run-ins with police, and it was rumored that he could have failed three different drug tests. These rumors led to Smith’s draft standing falling, but he was still a first round pick for the Ravens in 2011.

Police were called to a local college bar called the Greene Turtle when management called and reported a woman passed out in the bathroom. When police arrived, the woman was throwing up in a sink and Smith was standing over her. Smith told police that they had done a photo shoot earlier in the day. When asked to leave the bathroom and woman to the medics who arrived, Smith refused. While he was being arrested, Smith asserted that the only reason he was being arrested was because he was a football player. He told the police they would see this on ESPN. The arresting officer told Smith that he didn’t know who he was. After being arrested, Smith was reported to be cooperative. After a search, a small bag of what appeared to be cocaine was found in the woman’s purse. She was not charged.

Last season was Smith’s first as a starter for the Ravens. He posted excellent numbers, including 58 tackles. He also had two interceptions. Smith is a highly paid member of the Ravens team, and is expected to be an important member of the Ravens secondary. The Ravens exercised their fifth-year option on Smith. He will receive close to $7 million if he is on the roster for the 2015 season. It is hoped that Smith will be on the Ravens for a long time to come.

On Saturday night, Ravens corner back Jimmy Smith was arrested at a bar in the suburbs of Baltimore. He was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and released that night. This is the fifth arrest of a Raven this off-season. It is Jimmy Smith’s first arrest as a Raven.

By Bryan Levy

Baltimore Sun
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