Beef Burgers Burgled in the Buff

Beef Burgers

Days following a caper when two college-aged men in the buff and another accomplice clad in his underwear burgled Doc’s Beach House and stole beef burgers and other food, a waitress still is laughing. She does not understand why the three would break into the restaurant and only steal food as their moves were captured by the security cameras.

The bandits are still at large and the authorities still are unsure if the three are residents or if they are tourists. They are following any and all leads in their quest for the naked beef burglars.

Photos were released Wednesday to the public. Police are hoping that somebody might recognize and be able to identify who the men are. The robbery took place on Sunday at 3:06 a.m. They stole three pounds worth of bacon, 60 hamburgers, a paddleboard and a trio of red peppers.

Along with the security footage of the restaurant and 200 photos that were taken frame by frame, the three left a red pepper trail right on the beach. Sunday morning, the kitchen staff found the red peppers from the restaurant approximately 100 yards from the restaurant near to a bathhouse.

In photographs that have been released by Bonita Jet Ski and Parasail, which partners with the restaurant, as well as Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, it looks as if the men are athletic. Two of buff men are completely in the buff while the other one is clad only in underpants while they burgled the beef burgers. A few of the photographs depict the men looking at one of the security cameras. One man tries to turn the camera, not knowing that another camera is close by.

It looks as if two of the suspects cover their genitals and faces after they see the first camera. Lou Bangert, vice president/general manager of the restaurant, said jokingly that the two female waitresses are hoping the bandits return.

According to Bangert, he never witnessed this kind of crime in the 27 years that the restaurant has been open. There have been windows broken by criminals to get money from the cash register, but there haven not ever been suspects who broke in to steal food.

The trio did not go into the restaurant to gain access to the money but stayed in the area of the kitchen. They grabbed the food, including 60 beef burgers, from three separate coolers and were finished in just five minutes, leaving a mess of food in their naked wake.

There were pictures posted by Kevin Nobis, who is the Bonita Jetski & Parasail’s manager, on the Facebook page of his company. Since noon Wednesday, there were over 8,000 people who had read his post.

When the bandits in the buff exited the restaurant after they burgled the beef burgers, they went south towards Collier County’s line.  Bangert had a theory that the men may have parked their getaway vehicle in a parking lot nearby or that they were in the Barefoot Beach area.  He also has a feeling that, due to the amount of media attention given to the theft, it will not be long before the men are caught. He believes that someone knows who they are and that it will not be too long before someone comes forward and identifies them.

By Sharon Hendricks


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