Bungie’s Destiny Beta Begins Tomorrow, All You Need to Know Here [Video]

Destiny Beta July 17 PlayStation July 23 Xbox

Beginning July 17, 10:00am PDT the Destiny beta opens for PlayStation users. Microsoft consoles are not as fortunate. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will have to wait until July 23, 10:00am PDT before they can access the beta. All versions of the beta will be shut down July 27. The beta will also but turned offline for two days, July 21 and July 22, for maintenance.

The Destiny Alpha was open to any PlayStation 3 or 4 user. However, the beta is to be available only to those that have pre-order the game or those with a redeemable code. These codes are mostly given out by Bungie, but some other people (like Polygon) got some. In addition to this, Xbox users will get it for less time. Wouldn’t it be better for Destiny to make the beta open to everyone (not just those that pre-ordered)? After all, a beta is kind of a sneak peek for big time fans. If Destiny is as good as the world would like to believe, then an open beta would simply guarantee Bungie’s success.

What does the Beta have in store? Customization, tons of content, and more. Check out the trailer here.

At this point, Bungie has not yet confirmed or denied the ability to transfer saved progress to the final copy of Destiny from the beta. It is speculated that Bungie will stay quiet on the matter, which allows players to experience what Destiny has become without the being entirely focused on hitting level cap before the full version becomes available. This way, people will enjoy the beta regardless of the rewards they get. If Bungie wanted to ensure players could have that experience while simultaneously letting them keep their progress they could do it. Staying quiet is step one, step two is announcing the news at the end of the beta.

Destiny Beta Outline and Dates

A mobile companion app has become available for Destiny players alongside the beta. It can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes and is free. It displays your character and acquired loot. The Grimoire is loaded with the game’s lore and even allows you to see what merchandise changes with Vendors from the Tower. If the universe of Bungie has created is as expansive as it seems, this app could be very handy. Side-note, Destiny will not be released in Japan on the any Xbox console. It will be PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

Bungie has been building Destiny into an experience that expands what many games claim to be capable of. The title is has a lot riding on it considering it is the game that Bungie gave up Halo to make. The full version of Destiny launches September 9, 2014, for North America; Japan gets it September 11. It was be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Sony is even selling PS4 bundles of Destiny on launch day with the new Glacier White PlayStation 4 ($450).

By Garrett Jutte
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