Celebrities Go to Epic Heights With Their Purchases


Celebrities like to throw their money around and they are not shy about it, and here are some of the most extravagant and epic ways to spend money like a superstar, kicking it up a notch and taking shopping to new heights.

Gold! First up, Donald Trump, what did he spend his money on? How about gold plating his $100 million dollar Boeing 747 in 24 carat gold? Here is the breakdown on what is included in a $100 million dollar purchase. 24 carat seat belts, 24 carat seat belt buckles, gold plated shower and sinks, and the master bedroom even has gold silk lined walls!

He’s not the only one into gold, Beyonce once bought a pair of $100,00 gold leggings.

Next up the engagement of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Many believe this to be the single most extravagant proposal ever. Here’s the breakdown on the wild engagement party purchases. He rented out the infield at the AT&T park in San Francisco, and paid for a full orchestra to play at the park. What else could a girl need? Oh ya, how about a 15 carat diamond engagement ring for Kim.

mom necklaceThe Moms of Hollywood have set the trend for celebrities, and it seems to be wearing a necklace with the names of loved ones on it. Drew Barrymore has one with her daughters name on it, as does Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba. Leah Michele has one with the name “Cory” in honor of her late boyfriend. This might be a trend even a non-celebrity could follow.

How about Jay Leno’s penchant for cars, well the Co-founder of the Cash Money record label bought an $8 Million car! This is what you get for $8 million. One of a kind Maybach Exelero car with a top speed of 218 mph and does zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds. He is not the only one, Jay-Z’s love of cars prompted Beyonce to buy a $2 million dollar Bugatti for him.

CelebritiesJewelry is not just for the ladies, and taking a look at just about any rapper will give a person a good look at some expensive gems. Everything from mouth grills to huge jewel encrusted necklaces. Justin Bieber spent $25,000 on a necklace, lets see what that got him. One of a kind family guy necklace on a 14 carat gold chain with 12 carats of diamonds and rubies.

Watches are one of the things that celebrities seem to really want to set trends with, even though Rolex is still one of the timeless favorites, some of these Stars are spending a lot more than what even a Rolex would cost. Seal wears a $60,000 Richard Mille, and  Angelina Jolie wears a $6,000 dollar Cartier Tank.  Many still wear Rolex’s, such as the Rolex Yacht, Rolex Presidential, and a Rolex Milgauss to name a few.

So if someone has a penchant for jewelry, watches, and precious gold, they can take their style cues from the celebrities. Be on the cutting edge and mimic the buying trends of the rich and famous. Now if they are looking for a Celebrity worthy car, there are many to choose from, just make sure to book a driving theory test before they spend their hard earned cash on a hot ride. With a car as expensive as some of the ones the celebrities drive,  make sure that driving it is a skill obtained before the purchase. To shop like a celebrity requires taking what they purchase to epic new heights.

Opinions by Kristi Cereska

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