David Arquette Is Engaged to Christina McLarty

David Arquette

David Arquette and Christina McLarty are officially engaged. The 42-year-old actor decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend and mother of his two-month-old son, Charlie. It comes just a few days after his ex-wife Courtney Cox announced her engagement.

Cox and Arquette had been married for 12 years before finally deciding it was time to divorce in 2012. The two had been living separately, and the Scream actor was dating McLarty at the time. He and Cox were in tears when he finally admitted that he loved the entertainment reporter. The divorce was finalized last year, but neither showed signs of being angry at each other. They did try to make it work for their daughter, Coco, but have found they were better apart.

Just last week, Cox announced her engagement with Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid, after announcing they were together at the start of 2013. It seems that Arquette has waited for his ex-wife to find happiness before deciding it was time to move on and do the same. Of course, it could just be coincidental timing. The two did speak to each other about their plans beforehand, and want each other to be happy.

McLarty and her Scream boyfriend had a two-month-old son together. He had previously explained that being a father for the second time was not as daunting as the first time. He was not as worried about making mistakes like he was the first time round; a feeling that many first-time parents have.

Arquette’s engagement to McLarty happened with his whole family around them. Daughter Coco even knew everything was happening, and had fun giggling when McLarty asked her if she knew.

The 42-year-old got down on one knee outside Mastro’s Steakhouse on the street at sunset. It was a romantic time, and he added to it with a centered blue gem ring. It just seemed like a regular night out for everyone until that very moment. It is unclear just how many were in on the proposal.

Cox has not yet spoken out about the decision for her ex-husband to propose to the woman who arguably broke up their marriage. He has also not spoken out about her engagement either.

The Friends actress does seem happy for the couple. Back in February she explained that “when you love someone, you want them to be happy.” In this case he was not happy with her, but that does not mean she harbors any ill-will towards the couple.

Arquette did plan to propose some time ago, but seems to have been waiting for the perfect moment. He knew how much he loved the mother of his son. The fact that Cox is getting married again too is just coincidental according to Us Weekly.

There are no dates planned for either couple. They seem to be happy living their engaged lives. It is going to be exciting for Coco, who gets to be a bridesmaid at two upcoming weddings now that Arquette and McLarty are officially engaged just after Cox’s engagement announcement.

By Alexandria Ingham


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