Devious Maids Season 2 Ends With OMG Cliffhanger

Devious MaidsThe last episode of Devious Maids season 2 aired June 13, and the cliffhanger definitely ended with one of those OMG moments. All along the show was being advertised with the slogan asking, “Who will make it out alive?” and boy did the writers stay true to their word. The jaw dropping ending had viewers staring in disbelief. Spoiler alert ahead for those who have not yet watched the dynamic finale.

The show had many secrets unraveling this season, with the biggest one involving Nick. Marisol has been getting closer and closer towards finding out the horrible truth that Nick is hiding from her. So close, that Opal killed herself by taking the gun she had pointed at Marisol and shooting herself in the head instead. With Opal gone, Marisol makes her way to the deceased’s apartment and ends up leaving with a safe deposit box key. Marisol eventually finds out the truth and confronts Nick about it. Nick’s love for Marisol becomes clear as he succumbs and gives into her requests to try to make everything right as possible.

Rosie, after finally stopping the scheming Reggie from stealing his uncle’s money gets a huge surprise when the gang take her out for a nice lunch but really it is a set up with Spence and her son. Spence has planned a romantic surprise to ask Rosie to marry him. Though concerned about his rehab stay and situation, Rosie does not falter for too long and the couple are reunited.

Carmen’s dream seems to be getting closer to fruition when she meets a mysteriously good-looking man who tries to pick her up at a bar. Viewers get the immediate sense that Carmen has met her match with this man and after dissing his advances, Carmen finally gives in when he tells her that he has set up a meeting with a huge music executive to talk to her about a possible musical career. The fun continues when the two end up sleeping together when he finally tells her the truth that the big music exec she has a meeting with, is also his wife.

The build up to the end of the season and Devious Maids biggest OMG  moment to date continues to climb as the story heats up with Zoila.

Things were looking goof for Genevieve, when Zoila’s estranged husband, Pablo took some tests and found to be a perfect match for donating one of his kidney’s. Pablo, however was not doing it from the kindness of his heart but in order to win Zoila back. Zoila has been seeing Javier and things were going well for the couple until Pablo reentered into Zoila’s life and the two ended up sleeping together. Zoila was almost going to decide to go back with Pablo until she finds out that he had lied to her again. Pablo did not break up the relationship with his ex, more so that the ex had ended it with Pablo.

Ty, Spence’s crazed nephew, is out to silence Valentina. When Ty finds out that his other friends involved in the crimes all have gotten the hell  out of Dodge, he becomes furious and decides to take things into his own hands.

Adrian and Evelyn are celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary and things are going pretty sour until they get unexpected company. Marisol and Nick show up and Nick begins to tell his tragic truth. Nicks big secret finally gets exposed when he reveals that he was the one who had killed Evelyn and Adrian’s son, 15 years earlier in the hit and run accident. Adrian looses it for a second and tries to stab Nick but grazes him instead. Marisol and Nick then head out for the police station.

The episode ends on Rosie’s big wedding day. After the ceremonies, just as everyone is leaving the church, Ty drives by and pulls a ski mask down over his head in time for Carmen to notice. Everything goes to slow motion as Carmen starts to scream out warnings to those on the stairs, Ty then points a gun out the window and suddenly everyone is witnessing a drive by shooting. Five shots get fired out into the crowd intended for Valentina but fans know Ty and that his ideas always fumble. The season finale of Devious Maids ended with such a OMG moment that the cliffhanger will surely be talked about at water coolers until next season.

By Derik L. Bradshaw

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2 Responses to "Devious Maids Season 2 Ends With OMG Cliffhanger"

  1. Leslie Dannon   July 16, 2014 at 10:36 am

    I think Grant Snow’s character is shot and gone from the show, he is the expendable one, the maids must remain intact.

  2. Sable   July 14, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    The cliffhanger season finale bores me to tears and is the last thing that will induce me to talk or think about the show while it is off air. It is such an ancient contrivance and well past its expiration date. The “Who Killed J.R.” from Dallas was the first and the best. It rightfully got its audience and got people talking. Now there is nothing new. I’d have found it way more interesting to learn at least who got shot.

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