FIFA World Cup Finals: Argentina v German High Horse

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The day that everyone has been waiting for has arrived, as Germany gear up to take on Argentina in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals. The tournament has been one of incredible accomplishment and upset thus far, and there is bound to be one more by the end of today. The task at hand for the Argentine defense will be to meet the German high horse with an iron fist.

Germany’s 7-1 thrashing of Brazil has been consistently thrown in the faces of anyone watching the World Cup. It was a valiant defeat, indeed, but it is more than safe to say that any team playing the Brazil that stepped on the pitch for the semifinals that day would have come out with a similar victory. The high horse gets smaller.

Argentina is unlikely to mimic Brazil’s posture and prose. Argentina’s defense is more capable than cones, and stands to be a splinter in the foot of a German attack. Defensively, there are no obvious weaknesses for the German offense to take advantage of in the same way there were against Brazil. Add to that the fact that Argentina has a strong central midfield and can dominate ball possession for more than a minute and the high horse gets smaller yet.

If Argentina continues to expand their attack, most notably by continuing to find Gonzalo Higuaín on the flanks, the German back line will have much more to worry about than Lionel Messi. One thing that Argentina is extremely capable at doing: forcing opposing teams to sit defensively. It is a matter of keeping the pressure high and pronged.

Today’s game between Germany and Argentina will be a race to establish offensive presence. Germany’s back line is incredibly versatile, so the challenge for Argentina off the bat will be to widen the field and expose gaps in Die Mannschaft defensively. If Ángel di María is fit to play, less of that challenge will fall on the shoulders of Messi, however reports have been mixed regarding di María’s availability for today’s World Cup final.

Argentina’s back line has performed well this tournament. They have not allowed a goal since group stage, and with the return of Marcos Rojo in the semifinals, things have come together for La Albiceleste. Defenders Ezequiel Garay and Martín Demichelis have combined to establish a solid central zone, which will prove useful against Germany’s central-heavy attacking.

Germany has overpowered opponents with their strength and dominance in the central midfield. The match-up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals between Germany and Argentina is bound to be more exciting in this respect. Two central-heavy teams duking it out to the finish will make for some great football. This is where creativity, ingenuity and novelty will make all the difference and sway the game’s outcome in favor of the team that dons the new look best.

Today’s game will take place at the Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, in front of many Brazilian fans that would hate nothing more than to see Argentina succeed. Against the odds and against the fans, expect Argentina to toy with the German high horse. Anything has been possible this tournament, and Argentina coming out with a World Cup victory is not so much of a stretch afterall.

Commentary by Courtney Anderson

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