George Clooney Rejects Apology From Daily Mail

George Clooney

British newspaper Daily Mail issued an apology to George Clooney, but he has chosen to reject it. The actor called the paper a tabloid after sharing its gossipy article. He is one of the only celebrities to acknowledge his frustrations after the false claims were published.

The Daily Mail claimed that there were tensions between his and his fiancee’s parents due to religious views. The only reason the Oceans 11 star chose to respond was because it affects more than just himself. This is about his wife-to-be and her family.

Two days ago, the tabloid claimed that Clooney’s fiancee’s family were against their marriage. There were reports, that allegedly came from a family friend, that the mother of the bride-to-be joked about the Druze religion while in Beirut. Some of the jokes involved the death of the bride.

However, Amal Alamuddin’s mother has not been to Beirut since the two announced their engagement, and she is not even Druze. She is also very much in favor of the marriage, and was recently spotted with Clooney’s mother looking very friendly indeed. There is no truth to the story at all, and the Daily Mail would have known that at the time of printing.

Since the Monuments Men actor spoke out, the tabloid apologized, claiming that the story was not fabricated. It was based on conversations with “senior members of the Lebanese community.” However, the sources have never been shared or verified, and many parts of the story seem to have been made up.

Clooney decided to reject the apology from the Daily Mail, and spoke out about the story. However, it was not the story that annoyed him, but the content in part of the story. Without one simple part, he would have ignored it and moved on.

It was the joking that the bride would be killed because she was marrying someone outside the Druze religion. He claims that the decision to exploit the differences in religions that are not even there is irresponsible. The decision was also dangerous and negligent.

Instead of keeping the story up and apologizing from it from there, the Daily Mail chose to delete the story. The paper then issued a statement that it would look into the incident, and announced that the story was written by a freelance journalist.

Washington Post goes with the view that the shaming of the paper has been a better option than going the legal route. While there are times that the legal route works, it is a long drawn-out process. For an A-list celebrity to step up and publicly name and shame the paper, it speaks volumes and people are more likely to listen. This is especially the case when it is a celebrity who usually ignores everything written about him. At least when someone publicly speaks out like this, people can see everything that is wrong with the story. This often gets missed out when it goes the legal route.

It seems though that the Daily Mail has not learned its lesson. It is currently facing another issue with another A-list celebrity. It is not being let off the hook either, as Clooney refuses to accept the apology the Daily Mail issued for the false story.

By Alexandria Ingham


USA Today


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