Glee Twitter Accounts Hacked


Be careful in believing things read on the web, as two Glee Twitter accounts have been hacked so far. There is the possibility that others have too. The two incidents have happened within a day of each other, suggesting that it could be someone close to the stars.

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele have both been victims of Twitter hacking. The first was Colfer, who shocked fans with a message to say he had been fired from Glee. Many fans were angry at the news, and believed it considering the false rumors of Naya Rivera being fired earlier in the year. Colfer, who plays Kurt on the show, allowed his manager to speak out about the hacking, and acknowledge that he would return for the final season of the musical show.

The second was just a day later, and fans were shocked to find out that Michele was pregnant with a baby boy. It was just days ago that she finally admitted that she was dating someone new, after the death of her 31-year-old boyfriend Cory Monteith. The hacked tweet stated that she wanted to share the news personally with her fans before the media found out.

The hacking of the two Glee Twitter accounts is certainly a sign of “readers beware.” Nothing written online is necessarily true, even when it seems to come from two very active Twitter accounts. Technology can be broken into at any time, with fake updates shared. The question is why someone would want to do something like this.

Colfer acknowledge the tweet later on Thursday. He explained that he was flying at the time of the incident, and had no idea that it was happening. Luckily, he team was on board to be able to get into the account, delete the tweet and change the password. The actor also acknowledged that this is not the first rumor started about him. He had previously been “killed by a fruit truck,” which he joked about in his tweet.

Glee fans were angry to hear about the “sacking” of the star. Kurt Hummel is one of the favorites on the show due to his loveable nature and focus on being himself. He sets a good example to others around him.

Michele acknowledged the hack as soon as possible, quickly deleting the false tweet. She joked that it was time she and her Glee co-star stopped using their cats’ names as their passwords. Scarily enough, people do use pet names as passwords, making them very easy to guess even by those who do not know the stars.

Unfortunately, the notice of the hack was not in time to prevent some of the vicious insults being thrown her way. Some fans are not happy that she has managed to move on and find love after the death of Monteith. Another issue has been that the tweet came just less than a week before the anniversary of the actor’s death. The two were planning on getting married until his drug addiction became a problem again.

It is important to verify the facts before believing anything written online. This even comes to social media accounts. Two Glee Twitter accounts have been hacked within days of each other.

By Alexandria Ingham


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