Harrison Ford Injury Pushes Star Wars Filming Back

Harrison Ford

The injury Harrison Ford sustained in June is pushing the filming of the new Star Wars back by two weeks. Disney made the announcement on Sunday July 6, and explained that it would be dates in August that would be delayed.

The announcement was not just about Ford’s injury. It was also a chance for the producers to name two new cast members, Pip Andersen and Crystal Clarke. There is no information about the type of characters the two will play, but it is expected that they will be Thomas and Rachel, who were included in a casting call list back in November. Thomas is a man struggling with his own identity after growing up without a father figure, while Rachel is a street smart, athletic and naturally beautiful woman.

The 71-year-old veteran actor broke his leg while filming in June. The production continued since he was not required for many of the scenes. He is in the new Stars Wars movie to reprise his original role of Han Solo. During filming, part of the fictional starship Millennium Falcon fell onto his leg, breaking the bone.

There is some good news for those looking forward to Star Wars Episode VII, the production is still on track to be finished in time for the December 2015 release. However, the team has done as much as possible until his character is needed back onto the set. It has led to Ford’s injury pushing the filming of Star Wars back by two weeks.

Some fans will wonder how a broken leg can halt production for so long, especially considering it happened in June. The Indiana Jones actor needed surgery on his leg after the accident due to the break. He has now had to recover from that, and is currently going through rehab to get the full movement back. Also, his age means that his body is going to take longer to heal than it would do for those in their 20s or 30s.

There were worries that it would push the filming behind too much. Some of the contingency plans included filming him from the waist up so that he could still be a part of the movie. However, the production team is now happy to postpone filming as they need him in full action. There was never a plan to push filming so much that the release date would have to change.

After the initial shock, it was clear that Ford would continue to reprise his role as Han Solo. It was big news for Star Wars fans that he was joining the cast again, along with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, who played Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker respectively.

Big names have joined the cast, including Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie and 12 Year’s a Slave actress Lupita Nyong’o. December 18, 2015 remains as the release date, and it is unlikely that anything will throw that date off for now. The filming being pushed back by two weeks because of Ford’s injuries is definitely not going to cause a problem for the Star Wars release date.

By Alexandria Ingham


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