Immigration Is Nothing New to the United States


During a naturalization ceremony for welcoming new citizens to the United States, President Barrack Obama said that it was a touching reminder that immigration is nothing new to the United States. He once again called for improvements to immigration legislation as 25 new citizens took the oath of allegiance  to the United States on Independence day. The participants in the ceremony were all active duty military from across the branches of service. The oath-takers came from many countries, including Trinidad, Guyana, Panama, South Korea, Canada, Germany and Nigeria, among others.

The ceremony also brought to light the many problems faced by the United States immigration system as it is now, which is also nothing new to the American government. There has been an enormous number of children being sent to the United States from Central America who are alone when they arrive on American soil. Immigration advocates in the United States are asking that the government allow them to stay in the country, while immigration officials say they must follow the law. The law states that the kids must be sent back to their homelands in South America, through the aid of Mexican authorities.

The President of the Unites States admits that he is trying to get new legislation passed through the House of Representatives. This comes after the Senate passed a comprehensive measure last summer which has been stonewalled by Republican House leaders. The President says that it is the fault of the Republicans for slowing down the legislation that would help improve immigration to an acceptable standard. With that in mind, President Obama says he will be looking into other, non-legislative ways to change immigration policies in the United States without having to wait for Congress to get a bill to him.

The president is hoping to make changes to the way immigration is dealt with which he feels will be  more efficient and smarter. Yet on a planned visit to Texas next week, President Obama is not scheduled to take a public tour along the border with Mexico, where most people agree the emergency with the immigration system is currently at the height of trouble. White house officials are claiming that such a trip could result in awkward situations for the President if he were to haphazardly encounter one of the kids his administration is trying to deport.

The officials in the White House also state that a trip to the border may also potentially upset those who are advocating for the illegal kids currently in the United States, if the President were to meet with law enforcement agents or border patrol officers. Republicans are calling on President Obama to get a hands-on view of the crisis at the border while he is in Texas. Texas governor, Rick Perry, has claimed that if the President does not go and see the border, it is an indicator of his lack of interest and commitment to the whole immigration issues that the United States is currently facing.

Yet the dilemma at the border has put the President in the delicate position of having to ask Congress for more power and money to send the kids who have been flowing into the United States in the millions, back home. Meanwhile, the President is looking at new ways to allow those immigrants that already reside in the United Sates to remain, even though they may be in the country illegally. President Obama says in response to the naysayers of his plan that he will be doing all he can to ensure that hard-working people may have the freedom to share in the American Dream. He also says that common sense reform is needed in immigration legislation and that America should be making it easier for the brightest and the best to come to this great land and create families and jobs, thus helping the economy to grow. He finished by once again reminding Americans that immigration is nothing new to the United States, and most people who populate America are descended from immigrants who came here looking for that American Dream, long ago.

By Korrey Laderoute

USA Today
ABC News
Fox News

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