Jessica Simpson Gets Her Wedding Vows Wrong

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson apparently got her wedding vows wrong on her big day. She was left red-faced when she got the name of her husband-to-be wrong. Unlike traditional rom-coms, the singer and reality TV star did not say an ex’s name. She said her own name instead.

After messing up, she laughed it off and got on with the vows. It was clearly a case of nerves and excitement after spending the last three and a half years engaged to her formal NFL boyfriend, Eric Johnson.

She was not the only person to mess up on the day either. Johnson has to stop during his vows and start after making a mistake. While many may have thought that Simpson would run out after mistakes were made, wanting the perfect day, she happily got on with it and showed that it was about being married that counted.

Afterwards, the married couple released a joint statement to People magazine to say how happy they were about being married, and being able to do it in front of their families and friends. They were also very happy that their two children, Maxwell and Ace, were able to be part of the big day.

One-year-old Ace acted as ring-bearer, while his two-year-old sister Maxwell was the flower girl. Their aunt, Ashlee, was also part of the big day, and their grandfather Joe officiated the service. It was a real family affair.

That could have made it all the more nerve-wracking for Simpson, and it would make sense for her to get her wedding vows wrong. The good news is that was the only issue on the day. The rest of it went just as planned. It better have done considering the length of time they were engaged, and the amount of planning time they had!

During the wedding reception, Simpson decided to chat more than dance. She was likely tired after all the workouts she has been doing to get her body in the perfect shape for the day. The ambassador for Weight Watchers has spend the last year working off the baby weight, and has lost over 50 pounds in total. She is back to her Daisy Duke body, and proud to show it off. To celebrate her wedding day and her weight loss, she had a designer dress made specifically for herself.

The happy couple also offered their guests something special for the end of the evening. All the women were given a small pink, leather wedding favor, which included a pair of products designed by the bride. One example was a pair of sunglasses. They all also received something edible to take home with them and remember the day.

It is clear that being married is the most important aspect for the two, and family means the world to them. While the day was big and seemed to be expensive, it was not as publicized as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s European wedding, or as flashy. Johnson and Simpson were just happy that they could marry in front of their families and friends, even if they did mess up their wedding vows to each other.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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