Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull Have Epic Beer Pong Match [Video]

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Putting Jimmy Fallon in the middle of The Simpsons town of Springfield with rapper Pitbull, turned into an epic battle of beer pong in over-sized proportions.  The fun started out in Moe’s bar with some Duff beer, and it just got better from there. Characters from The Simpsons including Side Show Bob, could be seen cheering for their favorite beer pong player. Fans of Pitbull will enjoy seeing his comedic side, especially his attire as he donned skinny jeans to match the Tonight Show host’s outfit.

Pitbull is an award-winning rapper from Miami, and even if fans of The Tonight Show do not think they know his songs, they probably have recreated to at least one of them. He has collaborated with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Usher and Shakira, and is one of today’s most relevant artists in music. This down to earth musician is really grounded and committed to making music that will make the fans happy. It seems that Pitbull wants to take them on a journey where they can escape everyday life, and enjoy the music. So who better to be a guest of Jimmy Fallon’s, who has shown his own dedication to loving music over and over in his skits?

Far from being just a musician, Pitbull is also a brilliant businessman, with a line of perfume for women and cologne for men, a company for developing TV, and partnerships with a number of high-profile companies such as Kodak. His philosophy includes working hard for what a person wants out of life, and to believe and invest in oneself. Telling this mega star that he cannot or will not do something simply serves as a personal challenge to him to do exactly what one might think he cannot. All of these qualities make him the perfect talk show guest, and he certainly does not disappoint with his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Fans can now add epic beer pong player to Pitbull’s list of accomplishments.

Pitbull started out on the streets of Miami and likes to dress for success, as he wears suits to show that he is maturing and growing. He seems to want his music to show his evolution, from his humble beginnings to his empirical success. He has been described as a gentleman and that is a huge compliment in this day and age where pop stars are constantly in the media for what they do wrong, instead of what they do right, and a true gentleman is hard to find anywhere.

Pitbull will always speak his mind, whether it ruffles a few feathers or not, as Lindsay Lohan and Lil Wayne will attest to, as they both have had their run-ins with the rapper. He is passionate and gives back to the community that raised him. For example,  he helped to build a school in Miami with a curriculum that is sports based, and believes that molding the minds of children will lead to a bright future, instead of one filled with thugs and thieves. Taking kids from neighborhoods where no one believes in them and giving them something to be motivated about will change the world, one child at a time.

Pitbull’s life seems to revolve around his work, and he takes his work seriously. However, his lighthearted and comedic challenge of Jimmy Fallon in an epic beer pong match is something everyone will enjoy.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

CNN Entertainment

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