Kate Middleton Stops at Nothing for Prince George’s First Birthday

Kate Middleton

It’s Prince George’s first birthday tomorrow and Kate Middleton is stopping at nothing to celebrate it. Everything has been arranged by her mother, Carole, and is just as everyone expected for the royal baby.

Sticking with the theme of the nursery, there is going to be a Beatrix Potter theme. The theme has been a brilliant decision from the start. The royal couple never knew the gender of their baby, so kept everything gender-neutral to avoid embarrassment or disappointment. It is also a very classic British theme, and something that all the children and parents will enjoy.

There are going to be pictures and party pieces around the whole event to work with the Peter Rabbit party. Some of the pieces will come from the Middleton family business, Party Pieces, which will also help with the marketing for their company.

Other very British elements will be included in the day, including vol au vents. These are small puff pastry delicacies with fillings in the middle. Mushrooms and prawns are the most common options used, but they can really be filled with anything the person making them wants. The best thing about vol au vents is that they are very easy to make and eat, and a favorite option for canapés.

Middleton is certainly stopping at nothing for Prince George’s first birthday. It’s not really just because she’s the Duchess of Cambridge. Like any mother, she wants to celebrate this milestone. Most parents do something special, at least for their first child’s first birthday. The day is mainly for the parents to celebrate making it through the first—and often hardest—year. It’s the time for many mistakes to happen and a period of learning for first-time parents.

For the day, bean bags have been personalized with the baby prince’s name and a variety of animals embroidered on them. These are places for all of George’s friends to sit throughout the day, if the parents can get them to sit still!

The Duchess of Cambridge has also arranged for a birthday book to be compiled. This will have a range of photos from her son’s first year, and will be a lovely memory for the family as the prince grows up.

The whole day will be held at the couple’s estate, which is extremely large. The birthday boy has not even had the chance to explore all of the estate, and spent yesterday getting used to it all.

There are a lot of questions over the type of gifts the one-year-old will receive. Just last week it was announced that Middleton and her husband only want personalized gifts for their son. However, there are certainly some traditional first-birthday gifts on order, such as a slide for him to play on. The royal couple has also encouraged people to send donations to charity instead of gifts, which is the same thing that happened at the wedding in April 2011.

It is clear that the royal couple and family members want the best for the young prince. Middleton is stopping at nothing to make Prince George’s first birthday extra special.

By Alexandria Ingham



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