Mick Jagger Shows Comedy Side With Monty Python Promo

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger has shown his comedy side with the recent promo for the new Monty Python masterpiece. There were a number of ironic moments in the rock and roll legend’s words, which plenty of Rolling Stones fans would have giggled at.

The video of his “opinions” was shown at Monty Python Live, where the comedy five-piece introduced their final goodbye. All confirmed that this would be the last time they would perform together, previously stating that it would never happen after the death of their sixth member, George Chapman. Their stage performances had queues of people waiting for tickets, with shows selling out in minutes once the tickets were on sale in November. The good news for fans is that the very last performance will be streamed in movie theaters around the United Kingdom, and will also air on TV.

Jagger agreed to doing some promotional material to get people ready for the comedic talents of the five surviving members. He complained about how they were a group of “wrinkly old men” trying to relive their glory days. One comment was even about the death of Chapman and how he was the best member of the group.

The comments echo some of the feelings about the Rolling Stones. The group has continued to perform their “last ever” tours, only to then come back and do another one. Some people have stated that they are just “wrinkly old men” reliving their glory days. Jagger would know that and shows his comedic side—and willingness to laugh at himself—with the Monty Python promo.

Monty Python’s stage show has been named Monty Python Live (Mostly) since one member of the cast will not be there to perform the best hits from the years. The last time they were able to perform as a six-piece comedy act was in 1980, and fans who attended it have never forgotten it.

The comedy geniuses have made it clear that this will be a memorable moment. It is the first time a group will ever get to say their final goodbye as a group publicly on the one show. They made it clear from the start that this was not just about getting back together and reliving their moments. It was a chance to say goodbye to their fans, and give people one last moment to remember.

Within the promo that involve Jagger stating some very ironic points, there is a mention of the Dead Parrot Sketch. His assistant starts running through a set-list for the next Rolling Stones concert, naming some of the biggest songs by the rock and roll group. They end with mentioning the Dead Parrot Sketch, which is a famous Monty Python comedy sketch.

Eric Idle, member of the comedy group, has announced that some of the most well-known sketches will be included in the 10-performance tour, and the Dead Parrot Sketch is going to be one of them. He did joke about their motto of “leave them wanting less.”

Most of the reviews surrounding the upcoming Monty Python shows are positive. People just cannot wait to see the five-piece back together performing their biggest sketches. There may be some, although very few, with similar views as Jagger, who showed his own comedy side in the Monty Python promo.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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