Monty Python Goes Mobile With Sketch and Return With New Show [Video]

Monty Python
Monty Python is back in a new way. The British comedy group recently released a mobile application based on their sketch, Ministry of Silly Walks. The sketch premiered in 1970 on the well-known television show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Users play as a man in a bowler hat and suit, played by John Cleese in the sketch, by stepping, gliding and jumping his way through London while avoiding various obstacles such as flying pigeons. As the sketch goes, Cleese’s character works for the British ministry creating silly walks.

Fans can find the application for both Android and iPhones for 99 cents. Users can collect coins during the game to save up for power-ups and different clothing options such as a chic suite from the 1970s. The game pays homage to the sketch show by playing the theme song to Monty Python’s Flying Circus while users play the game. The comedy group also has a surprise for Sundance viewers when they return to television with a new live show.

Monty Python will be staring in their final show at London’s O2 theater in July and Rock Entertainment has acquired the rights to air that live show on Sundance channel. The show, titled Monty Python Live, Mostly (One) Down, Five to Go, will air on the Sundance channel Global in North America, the Middle East and Latin America. The show will later premiere in other international territories. Viewers can expect to see the four remaining members of Monty Python as well as Carol Cleveland, one of the only female actors who performed in Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Aside from making a return with their live show, The Ministry of Silly Walks application is not the first time Monty Python released a mobile application. In 2011, the group released the game Cow Tossing. This game is similar to the popular phone application, Angry Birds, where users can fling items at their opponent to get past each level. However, in the Monty Python version, players use a catapult to throw French cows and other French animals at knights who are standing on top of a battering ram. If the knights reach the catapult before the level is over, the player loses.

Monty Python A second application Monty Python sold was Monty Python: the Holy Book of Days for the iPad in 2012.  Viewers will first see an introduction by John Cleese. The application gives users a behind the scenes look at the making of The Holy Grail in two sections. The first section, The Book of Days, allows users to learn about the filming of the movie in 28 days. The content in the first section shows what filmmakers shot each day. This section also tells fans about what misfortunes happened during the shoot. The second section, The Holy Chapters, follows the order of the movie. Fans can also click on a link that goes back to the filming day in The Book of Days. For both sections, viewers can see new content such as outtakes, photos taken during filming, a diary and the script.

Later in 2012, Monty Python released another application titled Python Bytes. The application has 22 sketches from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Fans can choose from two options within this application: Sketch Commentary and Manage Sketch. Sketch Commentary gives viewers commentary from the actors about the sketch the viewer has selected. When viewers choose Manage Sketch, they can either choose a sketch they want to watch or remove a sketch from the current rotation. Viewers can purchase the iPad application from the app store for $4.99.

Monty Python is bringing in new fans with their mobile application, The Ministry of Silly Walks and new show Monty Python Live, Mostly (One) Down, Five to Go that is set to air on Sundance. Fans can enjoy the sketch by playing as John Cleese who walks through London in a very different way. The goal of the game is to improve a player’s distance each time they play. The group goes live in their return that will be directed by Eric Idle and choreographed by Arlene Phillips.

By Jordan Bonte


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